Thursday, January 18, 2007

At Fat Wreck Chords: Epoxies, Dickies, Bad Astronaut, Chixdiggit!

Thanks to Peter over at Coast is Clear for showing the way to the link for "Radiation," by Portland's The Epoxies. I’ve liked this song for quite some time now but didn’t know where it lived. Tracking it down to the group’s label, Fat Wreck Chords (whoa, too clever, man) put me in touch with other enjoyable bands, some of which I knew, most of which I happily did not. Here are several that tickled my fancy. Royal we’ll post more in the near future. Click band names if you like.

The Epoxies - Radiation mp3
The Dickies - Donut Man mp3
Bad Astronaut - Autocare mp3
Chixdiggit! - Geocities Kitty mp3


Anonymous said...

yes bad astronaut is amazing.

pplist said...

Too true, and thanks for saying so. I've still got some good ones I gathered at Fat Wreck Chords, and you just may have inspired me to post a few.

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