Friday, January 12, 2007

Welcome to Bubbyworld: Dufflecoats, They Go Boom, Bedflowers, Strawberry Story, Haywains

Yeh, so this is quite the antimetal site and I do like metal and goth and such but sometimes it’s good to get in touch with one’s inner wimp. This site will flat fey you down, and you’ll be glad as you tweest and shout, or maybe sigh really, really loud. "Bubbyworld." Waaaaah! Heh. Oh, and go here for more. Thanks to the always excellent Mira el Péndulo for the headsup.

Dufflecoats - Sunny Tuesday Afternoon mp3
They Go Boom - Body mp3
Bedflowers - My Ex-Lovers Address mp3
Strawberry Story - Ashlands Road mp3
Haywains - Kill Karaoke mp3


Parklife said...

Aah, Strawberry Story are really awesome! I like this sound! :-)

pplist said...

Your comment pleases me muchly. Thanks for it, P.

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