Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tired of Waiting for Time

Boy howdy, my sentiments exactly, fellers, you bet your Beckett. I've been coming across lots of good stuff but it's the same dilemma day after day: I just don't have time to write it up. Soooo, if you prefer a blog awash with words, I do apologize. If you prefer something more in the way of music, I have it indidi. So let's gogo, if you're feelin' lucky, punks. (Now, how do I work in Pozzo? Oh well, no biggie.)

The Broken West - So It Goes mp3 - Thanks, 5 Acts.
Trucker Cleavage - Imaginary Friend mp3 - Thanks, Indie MP3.
Sebadoh - The Freed Pig mp3 - Thanks, extrawack!
Okay Paddy - Oo-man, la-world mp3
Peter Bjorn and John - Let's Call It Off (single mix) mp3 - Thanks, *Sixeyes.
Aaron Schroeder - Fake Crimes demo mp3 - Props again to the double-bespectacled one. Or maybe it's glasses over contacts. Quite intriguing, and I'll probably never really know.

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