Monday, January 22, 2007

Old Friends at Merge: Rosebuds, Ashley Stove, Clientele

I was poking around at one of my favorite labels and emerged with the following by some old friends. Click for info and more tunes. The Rosebuds bloom left.

The Rosebuds
My Downtown Friends m3u
Leaves Do Fall m3u
Blue Bird mp3
The Ashley Stove Devo Freak m3u
The Clientele - E.M.P.T.Y. m3u


Seattle-Powerpop said...

Hey. Cool of you to reference Ashley Stove. I used to love those guys when I lived in Chapel Hill. FYI: Matt Brown of Ashley Stove has a great new band out of Portland called Montauk Ghost. Check them here:

pplist said...

Yep, NYMary, High Priestess of PowerPop introduced me to them, for which I've been ever grateful. Thanks for the reccy on Montauk Ghost. I'm heading there soon's I finish this. And great work with Seattle Powerpop. You've been putting me in touch with a lot I'd like to post here but try to hold off doing for a reasonable amount of time (cough, The Tripwires, cough). Thanks!

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