Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More Custom: Sudogwon + Flamingo + leave. + Hello, I'm Sorry + Father Tribe + Let Us Out

In a post earlier today we noted we had found Jack Hardy via Custom Made Music. What we didn't mention is that we found a bunch more during our pleasant several-hours sojourn at CMM's Soundcloud page. Some of it we placed in the Songdrop widget in the upper right of this page. In this post we're putting our favorite free and legal downloadables, always beginning with and then noting our faves from each EP or LP. We'll try to keep comments to a minimum, while providing links and such should you require further enlightenment. Many thanks to CMM for the many headsup.

We loved all four songs on this Valencia, VE band's EP.

Beatlesque psychedeliana from Jacksonville, IL. We like #2 a lot, too.

Steady gaze from Lublin, Poland.

Silky slack from Bellingham, Washington. (Thought about writing WA, but thought you might think, "Western Australia." Heh.) We like #7 a lot, too.

Reminds us of earlier Gap Dream (i.e., minus the excessive electronica). Frisco band.

We like #1 & 3 a lot, too. Montreal band.

Jack Hardy's Slipped, We Feel Weird, Pleasured, Etc.

When we heard that hardy little tune called "Or Anyone" (#1 above) yesterday we thought, "This feel weird, it sound familiar, in fact we certain we heard this one before, but where oh where?" We searched our archives. Nada.

Well, we just now found out where, and it's here, in a post also inspired by the very same Custom Made Music that led us to "Olive" (#2 above). We don't know Jack (yeah, pp, we've noticed) but suspect he's got something to do with our feeling weird.

Okay, enough. We love this New Orleans guy's EP, name o' Slipped. We usually prefer up-tempo stuff but all five of these moderately paced ditties pleasingly plunk our twanger. We hope your twangers will respond likewise.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tally Hall's Silly Wuv Song

Silly, yes, but immensely satisfying. Let us explain.

long time ago in the same galaxy we currently inhabit, we pointed you toward a fun li'l song by Ann Arbor Michiganders Tally Hall. It disappeared fairly quickly from the also disappeared Underrated Blog (hence, no need for a link), but recently reappeared in demo form in the link widgeted below.

We thank our dear (though we've never been formally--or informally--introduced) Bandcamp friend, Miyuki for helping us find this long-lost treasure. I'truth, though, it's not really that lost, so if you want the finished product, complete with buzzybeed sound effects and awkward phone call, you can click the YouTube widget below and buy it here. It's well worth the shekels, as is Tally Hall tuneage in general.

Incidentally, whether the desired ménage a trois was ever consummated is knowledge beyond the poor powers of a motley crüe such as Team Powerpopulist to unearth. Sorry.

And speaking of awkward-phone-call-based numbers, we just can't resist adding "I Don't Mind" by Lubbock band, The Nelsons. We had the pleasure of watching them open for Guadalcanal Diary at a SXWS showcase in this same galaxy even longer ago.

From across the Atlantic come The Pacifics, riding waves of righteous raucous rock. We discovered the Dublin/Hamburg band via new Bandcamp friend, Scott. (Click to find his last name, plus his excellent Bandcamp Collection). Like many of our friends, Scott doesn't actually know we exist. (Is that creepy, or wot?) Wotevs, we found at Scott's lair (creepy?) a number of artists we also like, plus--and this is always exciting--a bunch we don't yet know but soon will. To find more by and about The Pacifics, click here and here.

Party Plants - The Madness of Crowds

I'm proposing this one for group anthem at the next meeting of Hermits Anonymous (if we ever meet, which we never have and never will). Listen to more and get to know the Austin band more intimately here and here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Unbeatable: London's The Tamborines

Old (she turned me into a) Knut has a great Best of 2015 Month-by-Month thing going over at Eardrums Music. So what's that got to do with anything here in the hinterlands? So glad someone asked.

You may remember our posting a superfine one by London band The Tamborines, oh, maybe two months or so ago? Well, Knut's put them in the top LPs part of his July/August 2015 Part 1 list, and we're ecstatic he did. And we mean ecstatic, for we found several eardrumsfull of great powergazenoisepsychpop at two of their Bandcamp pages. Here are our very favorites from each. If you like, click appropriately.

Btw, Knut seemed to prefer the latest LP to the first one, but with us it was kind of the opposite, although both are great. We're going in chronological order.

Here's this year's model. (A friend once told us, "pp, you have a gift for the obvious." Quite flattered we were.)

This one has a kind of a TFC feel, whattaya think?

Weirds' Blood Test

Spending as much time as we do ensnared by the limpid tentacles of the indiepop thing, how we do from time to time so need the cauterizing purge of something like this Leeds band delivers. (Of course we did find it at Little Indie Blogs, but, yeah, and so?)

Btw, sorry about the crumby Songdrop malfunct. They do that from time to time for wtf reason. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Our Latest Lode of SoundClouds: Tibet, Brilliant Beast, Mystic Braves, Shrinking Violets, The Black Watch

In a previous time it might have been called "waxy buildup." In the new era it's more like "a deluge of delightful digitals" a-crowdin' into the Powerpopulist Green Room. We hope you enjoy and maybe even want to download some or all of these recent finds at SoundCloud.

Access the Cardiff band here and here (additional free and legals).

Visit these Minneapolis gazers here and here.

B-b-but, pp, you said "SoundCloud." And "download." Lying son of a bachelor! Cálmate, chiclets. Click here for the free SoundCloudownloadable. And click here to hear their fabulous new LP, Days of Yesterday, just released last month. They're from L.A. and approachable at Facebook.

Visit the Redditch band here.

The L.A. veterans just dropped their 13th LP, Highs and Lows. Visit them here and buy it here.

And we noticed Fanatic is still making a longtime fave of ours available for free download.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Cotton Mather's Divine New Project

Sure, we've "always" known the I Ching spoke to power, but who knew it also brought the pop. Very glad we are, then, that Robert Harrison, leader of longtime Austin faveband Cotton Mather, consults the I Ching daily and recently received prompting to launch a song cycle based on each of the ancient oracle's 64 hexagrams.

Harrison's already written the first 18 songs, the first of which you can hear and download above. Based on this and previous emanations from CM, it doesn't take much foresight to divine future musical enlightenment of a very high order. Read the whole caboodle at Fanatic Promotion, which also has numerous links to guide you to further wisdom and inspiration. Many thanks to Josh Bloom of Fanatic for guiding us thus far.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Fogbound at SoundCloud

You might remember we included a nice one by A Coruña psychpoppers Fogbound in this TAL post of February 2014. We recently reencountered them while making our way through Psychgazer's excellent SPAINchedelic post and ended up downloading a bunch of free and legals at SoundCloud. Here are a few of our favorite excelentes. If you like, click here and get more. Click the down arrows to download.

Video below.

Plum Excellent.

Plum purty.

We previously posted these Denver psychpoppers here and here and are highly (psych "humour") chuffed to hear them here again. And once again it's thanks to the excellent blog The Revue we are prompted to do so. So go there and give them and yourself some groovy kindsa luv or stay here and get some and then go there. It's really up to you, you know. Oh, wait, we do want to celebrate The Revue's groovy news of the forthcoming Plum EP to be "dropped" next Friday, 11dec15 (title cut below). Now go. Or stay. Etc.***

Once again, this is a huge (54.2 or 54.1 MB--we've seen it both ways) WAVE file, so you might want to convert it to mp3 to, you know, save drivespace. Again, your call. We gave detailed instructions in a previous Plumpost. Btw, those previous songs we posted are still available for free download

***Yes, we too've seen other bloggers make these cutesy-fruitsy, self-satisfied stabs at breezy cleverness, and it makes us sick, too.


Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Volar, Eh?: Susan, The Hussy, Tiger High, Cosmonauts, Audacity, Christmas Island, Cowabunga Babes, Davila 666, Fresh and Onlys

We're gonna go ahead and do this post super quick 'cause we don't even know if the songs will still be available by the time we post. We got an email from Volar Records on Saturday, 28nov15, saying the songs would be available for free download "this weekend."

Unfortunately we were busy "that weekend" giving thanks and shit and missed it until just now. We've sampled the whole glorious thing, downloaded it prontito, and identified our favorites. We'll say upfront here in the fifth sentence that some of these might not be to pure popper preference, but, hey, that's okay. We do try to imagine whether our readers will like the songs we post, but how could we possibly be right all the time? Know what, we're wasting a lot of time on these aesthetic musings and should just get to widgeting.



We also very much liked the following but thought some popper types might get in a snit. We also know, though, we have a few visitors who might like them, so: #19, 31, 38, 41, 42, & 45.


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