Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tally Hall's Silly Wuv Song

Silly, yes, but immensely satisfying. Let us explain.

long time ago in the same galaxy we currently inhabit, we pointed you toward a fun li'l song by Ann Arbor Michiganders Tally Hall. It disappeared fairly quickly from the also disappeared Underrated Blog (hence, no need for a link), but recently reappeared in demo form in the link widgeted below.

We thank our dear (though we've never been formally--or informally--introduced) Bandcamp friend, Miyuki for helping us find this long-lost treasure. I'truth, though, it's not really that lost, so if you want the finished product, complete with buzzybeed sound effects and awkward phone call, you can click the YouTube widget below and buy it here. It's well worth the shekels, as is Tally Hall tuneage in general.

Incidentally, whether the desired ménage a trois was ever consummated is knowledge beyond the poor powers of a motley crüe such as Team Powerpopulist to unearth. Sorry.

And speaking of awkward-phone-call-based numbers, we just can't resist adding "I Don't Mind" by Lubbock band, The Nelsons. We had the pleasure of watching them open for Guadalcanal Diary at a SXWS showcase in this same galaxy even longer ago.

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