Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More Custom: Sudogwon + Flamingo + leave. + Hello, I'm Sorry + Father Tribe + Let Us Out

In a post earlier today we noted we had found Jack Hardy via Custom Made Music. What we didn't mention is that we found a bunch more during our pleasant several-hours sojourn at CMM's Soundcloud page. Some of it we placed in the Songdrop widget in the upper right of this page. In this post we're putting our favorite free and legal downloadables, always beginning with and then noting our faves from each EP or LP. We'll try to keep comments to a minimum, while providing links and such should you require further enlightenment. Many thanks to CMM for the many headsup.

We loved all four songs on this Valencia, VE band's EP.

Beatlesque psychedeliana from Jacksonville, IL. We like #2 a lot, too.

Steady gaze from Lublin, Poland.

Silky slack from Bellingham, Washington. (Thought about writing WA, but thought you might think, "Western Australia." Heh.) We like #7 a lot, too.

Reminds us of earlier Gap Dream (i.e., minus the excessive electronica). Frisco band.

We like #1 & 3 a lot, too. Montreal band.

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