Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Recent & -ish Finds by The Sunchymes, The Kundalini Genie, Coywolf, Diamond Hands, The Hungry Onions, Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Pseudonym, et. al. . . .

Here are a few recent and not-so-recent finds, most of which are available for either free or name-your-price download. In fact, that's the order (more or less) in which they're posted, so those of you looking for retro action might want to scroll way down.

The Sunchymes

Just got the above in an email yesterday. We've been enjoying these UK charmers/chymers for several years now, including this fairly recent EP we shoulda but didna post. Each song's a winner.

The Kundalini Genie & Coywolf

We also very much enjoyed #s 10, 14, & 17. The last of these is by Oakland band, Coywolf, a bunch of whose songs we bought at Bandcamp, including #17 itself ("Star Drool"). So how does this make us feel, after plunking down hard-earned and then finding it available for free? Good. Really good. So here's one we bought.

Diamond Hands

We also love #s 7 & 10 from the L.A. band's latest (released 9feb18), not to mention (but we will) this previously posted favorite from their 2016 debut.

The Hungry Onions

Also recommended: #s 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11. We found this Austin band among some recent purchases by a guy we follow over at Bandcamp. He had bought goodstuff from their 16feb18 LP, She's a Mod, which we intend to do as well. Here's one we intend to buy. (The others are #s 1, 6, 7, 9, & 10.)

Frankie and the Witch Fingers

We simply cannot believe this L.A. faveband's whole LP is available for nypdl at Bandcamp, especially after having spent money on some of it previously. (How does that make us feel? Take a guess.) The song featured above was one we bought. The previously posted song below was one of our favorites from 2016. It's a beautiful world, maaan.

We also especially liked #s 4, 8, & 13.


This San Francisco band's 2017 LP Pack of Lies was one of our very favorites of that year, and a couple of its songs were on our 2017 Powerpopulist Faves playlist. Rooting around in their Bandcamp Discography turned up more entertainment, including the song above and, #s 1 & 2 below.

Okay, we're wimps and we're tired, so TTFN. We'll be back with more, promise?

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Faves of the Faves - January 2018: On and Ons, Eyelids, Emperor Penguin, Ups and Downs, Well Wishers, Calva Louise, Lucille Furs, Maharajas, Strangers In A Strange Land, Serpent Power, Jay Som, Hurry, Bee Bee Sea, Red Cities, Honeyrude, American Darlings, Moniker, Kindling, Coywolf, Trevor and The Joneses, Peyote Coyote, Flower Graves, Rotten Mangos, Olden Yolk, Ty Segall, Overlord, Waking Hours, Triptides, Crazy Squeeze

Below is the playlist of our very favorite songs discovered during the first month of 2018. It was a rich month indeed, partly because of new songs released but also because of songs encountered on various end-of-year lists by bloggers and aficionados whose tastes we admire. Sure, we'd posted our own 2017 Powerpopulist Faves playlist but found a number of songs elsewhere we had either overlooked or not attended to closely enough.

So thanks to Absolute Powerpop, Power Popaholic, I Don't Hear A Single, Ice Cream Man Powerpop And MorePowerpopnews, Jeff Shelton, David Bash, John Borack, Pablo Ferrayra, and Jack Rabid/Big Takeover for helping us supplement the 119 songs on our list and for helping make January a most merry musical month.  (As usual, this is not a ranking but more of a discovery-based chronology.)

Song #6 is by Calva Louise.

Faves of the Faves - November/December 2017: First Base, Peyote Coyote, The Galileo 7, The Dayoffs, The Keep Left Signs, Paul Messis, The Successful Failures, Salad Boys, Latvian Radio, Caddy, Third of Never, FUR, Soda Fountain Rag, Susan

We were just about to post our Faves of the Faves for January 2018 when to our (feigned) horror we realized we hadn't yet A) made one for November/December 2017 or B) published one for November/December 2017. There were all kinds of reasons, mostly technical, why we hadn't done so but they are of no interest whatever, not even to us. So here's the playlist. Click and listen away! We hope you find music to like. (By the way, this is not a ranking but more of a discovery-based chronology.)

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Comp of Comps: The Darling Buds, Chemtrails, Geodesic Ivy Dub, The Beginner's Mynd, Sweet Jane and Claire, Whimsical, The Mongrelettes

Here are a few favesongs from various compilations we've come across lately and not-so-lately. All are available for free or name-your-price download as of this posting. Each widget has all the songs on each compilation, in case you want to do further exploration.

We also like the HOLY song (#7), which has been popping up on lots of faveblogs of late.

The original was the first downloadable we ever posted at this here little blog of ours. Sigh.

We also really "dig" the ones by The Luck of Eden Hall (#1), and Os Noctambulos (#11).

We also are enamored of #7 and #9.

Got a whole lotta gas-and-oily-smelling fuzz on this comp.
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