Thursday, October 19, 2017

Recent Finds: The Histrionics, Neurotic Fiction, Sachet, Static In Verona, Telyscopes, Timothy Eerie

Most of the following are songs A) we loved or very much liked and B) were available for free or name-your-price download. Take a listen and decide whether you want to download the songs for $0.00 (or more, your call). We're featuring the songs we liked the most, but there's plenty more in most of the widgets.

For name-your-price download, click here.
Yeah, sometimes it does seem like we and the 'puter are in a relationship, and if that seems strange, wtf are you up to anyhoo? Torontans. Bandcamp Discography. From 2014. (We said recent finds, not necessarily recent releases.) Sorry for getting a bit histrionic. We also liked #13.

Sydney band sashayed into our lives and made them better. Bandcamp Discography 

Chicago's Rob Merz has been delighting us musically for several years now. Facebook - Bandcamp Discography Here's one we previously posted and still very much love.

We've proclaimed affection a couple of times previously for Mr. Jack Hubble and his work/play with several bands, including Telyscopes. The above is our favorite from his latest LP, High Fidelity Drag, although we also very much like #1, 2, 3, 8, 10, & 14. A bunch of great songs are still available for nypdl at those previous posts. Hey, here's one of those previously posted ditties, in case you want to wet your beak.

This Orlando band is one of our favorite poppsych finds of the year. (Pic at top o' the post) The following will cost you a buck (U.S.), but it's more than worth it. Check out the rest of the EP as well.

Tasty Fare from Food Court

We previously chowed down with/on these Glebe, Ozzers and slurped and smacked happily. The first song below is a favorite from their 22sept17 LP, Good Luck and below that is one of the songs we previously posted for free download. The other is still available at the previous post.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Faves of the Faves - September 2017: The Chemistry Set, Jennifer, Black Sonic Revolver, Partner, Beaches, Alvvays, The Persian Leaps, The Reverberations, L7, et. al. . . .

Wow, somehow or other we're publishing September's Faves of the Faves playlist only four days into October. As before, we'll mention that these are some of our favorite songs discovered during that month and not necessarily songs released therein.

Once again Playmoss hasn't alvvays seen fit to give the artist's name for certain songs, so we're providing this info when needed. We do hope you find some songs to like. To explore a song or artist further, click the logo at the end of a song's title. If you'd like to see the entire 52-song September 2017 playlist, click here.

Also, for you of a more powerpop persuasion, we started a little project of restoring a Powerpop playlist we had going at the late great Songdrop site. So far we've restored around 200 songs and are continuing to add to it as we have time. Click here to see and hear.

Update - 21oct17 - Playmoss has been having "issues" playing Bandcamp and SoundCloud songs of late. We've been in communication with them, and they're working on it. We've replaced a bunch of BC & SC songs with YouTube versions when possible and moved all the unreplaceable ones down to the bottom of the playlist.When you get to them, you'll probably have to click the Play arrow. This is also happening in the Playmoss widgets in the upper-right of the page, but those lists are too long to mess with. We're sorry about this. Hopefully someday all will be well. First World Problem, so we'll probably survive.

#1 - Baker Island - Write Home
12 - Party Hardly - Mindchanger
13 - Wyatt Blair - Jesse's On Fire Again
18 - Hearty Har - Creation Frustration

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