Thursday, June 26, 2008

Music of the Sphere: Beatles, FoW, Housemartins, MBV, Strawberry Whiplash, Delays, SDT, Fratellis, Jacket, 5 O'Clock Heroes, Clocks, Tilly

Yeh, it's 5:17 A.M. and I could use some sleep, but I found the following tonight and wanted to let you know. Thanks to the hosthumans who so graciously made them earable. I've been a bit out of circulation lately and doubt not impending visits to other favorite blogs will uncover more fine hooch. I'll keep you posted.

As usual, Molotov has decanted heady cocktails of tasty tuneage fit for celestials and terrestrials alike, to wit:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dozen +: Boston Spaceships, Cuts, Allison, Vancougar, Hot Puppies, Cloeta, Alias, TAB, PAS/CAL, et. al. . . .

Do we need to go into all the sordid reasons we haven't been here the past week or so? Thanks.

Boston Spaceships - Go for the Exit mp3 - Mixed transportational metaphors to the contrary notwithstanding, Robert Pollard's new band is due to launch Brown Submarine (pic) in early September.
Allison - Fragil mp3 - ¡Viva México!

Vancougar - Obvious mp3 - from Canadian Tuxedo, due out early next month
The Hot Puppies - Green Eyeliner mp3 - Um, this fine song has slight dl problems, so please be patient.
Cloetta Paris - Cry Just a Little Bit (Shakin' Stevens cover) mp3 - Some of you purer poppers might not "dig" the electronic touches in this one; we of the more impure set like it anyway, so here. Ditto the next one.

Willoughby - Story mp3 - from I Know What You're Up To, due in early August

Anthem In - Hold On To Me mp3 - We like the fuzzy power chord bits the most. Maybe you didn't notice the following fine one in our last post, so here it is again.
Down mp3
Otter Petter - The Rest of the World mp3 - from Fireflies and Lamp Lights

PAS/CAL - You Were Too Old for Me mp3 - from I Was Raised On Matthew, Mark, Luke & Laura, due in late July - We're still enjoying this one from a long-ago post:

Click song titles to listen, artist names to whatever.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

H-H-Hi: Apollo Sunshine, From Bubblegum to Sky, Hectors, Islands, Battle Royale, Anthem In, Club 8, Sweet Hurt

We're barely here but here nevertheless. (Zee muzick eenticed us bach.)

Apollo Sunshine - 666: The Coming Of The New World Government mp3 - psychy Beatlesesque - from forthcoming Shall Noise Upon, (vinyl & digital in August, CD in September) - previously posted and still liked:

From Bubblegum to Sky - I Always Fall Apart mp3 - from A Soft Kill, released June 3 - We're still adoring this one:

Islands - Creeper mp3 from Arm's Way

The Battle Royale - Racecar mp3 - from their recent release, Wake Up, Thunderbabe! - We're still loving this previously posted one as well:
Oh, Martha mp3
Anthem In - Down mp3 from Anthem In

Club 8 - Jesus, Walk With Me (The Sound of Arrows remix) mp3 - Still loving this one:
Everlasting Love mp3

Click song titles to hear 'em, click artist names to read and hear more.

Friday, June 06, 2008

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