Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Faves from The Co-Op Communiqué Volume Four: The Well Wishers, Pseudonym, The Click Beetles, The John Sally Ride, Jonny Weathers, John T. McMullan, Wicked Immigrant

We recently received an emailed communique from Mr. Dw. Dunphy announcing the latest compilation of songs "to break the stalemate between an eager audience and the distribution channels that cannot come together." And break it he certainly does, and with a loud and very satisfying pop. You can read all about it at Bandcamp, but in the meantime, here are our very favorites from the latest, 57-song menu, all available for free download. We might mention that after sampling all 57 and noting our favorites, we found when it came time to post that some of the playing order had been changed. We hope the songs posted below conform to the list of artists we named in the postitle.

Dog Date Waise the Woof

Dog gone simian.

We bought some excelentes by this New Joisey band a couple of years ago but are quite grateful to Dr. Thibault Schrepel over at faveblog Still in Rock for the headsup on their latest release over at Bandcamp. Def got our tails waggin', and did we mention they're available for name-your-price download?

These first two are our favorites from their latest LP, Little Cowboy, just out on the June 1, 2018.

Then we went exploring, and oh, lordy, what a trove we found at last year's superb Flying Fortress! There's really no need to post individual widgies, as we loved #1, 2, 3, 4, 7, & 8 and vml'd (very much liked) #6. So have at it.

Burning House's Fanclubesque "Peach"

Most of Southampton band Burning House's songs at Bandcamp sound rather shoegazy, but their tags there also include the following: "power pop" and "powerpop." Their just-released juicy little number below proves they aren't kidding. Fans of Teenage Fanclub will most likely agree. So far, all of their songs at Bandcamp are available for name-your-price download, so get ye hence, an ye be willing/able.

We also very much like this Guided by Voices cover (originally authored neither by Mr. Pollard nor by Mr. Sprout, but by Mr. Doug Gillard).

And speaking of Mr. Gillard, we are very glad we bought this one several years ago.

Faves from Wassup Rocker Radio Comp: The Why Oh Whys, Lucy And The Rats, Private Function, Killer Hearts, Latte+, Stufft Crust, The Connection

Here are our favorites from the compilation, Wassup Rocker Radio Presents: Sick Sounds. All are available for Free Download. Many thanks to Faster and Louder blog for the headsup. We were most favorably affected by the more mellow songs, so if you wanta get more raucous, you'll find many opportunities to do so.

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Faves of the Faves - May 2018: Leroy Francis, The Loons, The Essex Green, Ex-Void, Peach Kelli Pop, An Horse, The Asteroid No.4, Tancred, White Witches, SCK CHS, Wand, Sun Scream, Dream Phases

Here are our very favorite discoveries of powerpop, indiepop, psych, jangle, and other sorts of pop during the merry mo. o' May of this year. The full list of May 2018 discoveries (from which the playlist below is curated) is over at Playmoss. Hope you dig, groove, enjoy, &cetera.

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