Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tunesday: Hives, Bleeding Hearts, Pets, Jellybricks, David Doll, Lovetones, Altspeak, Greencoats, Boxer The Horse, Drakes Hotel, Sidewaytown, N. Hynes

We start out a little rowdy, calm down a wee, and then just bounce around a bit, i.e., the usual consistency. We love the songs, though, which is why we're here. Click green artist names for info; click song titles for audio.

The Bleeding Hearts - Rehab Girl mp3 - from Nothin On But The Radio - The Doublenaught Records release by these Raleigh, North Carolinians will rock you up a treat. Go here to buy.
The Hives - Two-Timing Touch And Broken Bones mp3 - The ever-generous Filthy Little Angels have a fantastic selection of their own ware, plus some rather spiffy mixtapes with individually accessible mp3s.
The Pets - Let's Go mp3 - from Let's Go b/w I Want Fun 7"

The Jellybricks - We'll Be Together mp3 - We at Team Powerpopulist would like to be the first to wish you a Neato Noël! We've been stocking up on various sweets by this Harrisburg, PA band, especially here.
David Doll - Not This Time mp3 - We've been enjoying this Borehamwoodian's work for quite some time now.
The Lovetones - Wintertime in Hollywood mp3 - Sydney band does some California dreamin'.

Altspeak - Seven Shots mp3 - Thanks to Chris at Music of the Moment for the headsup on this excellent Seattle band. Chris has one more by Altspeak and kindly points out something you might find of particular interest. Thanks also to Chris for the next one.
The Greencoats - Honey mp3 - not totally fuzzy but working on it
Boxer The Horse - Jackson Leftfield mp3 - from The Late Show EP - Thanks to Matt Charlton at Pigeon Row Public Relations.

Drakes Hotel - Broadcast to the Addicted mp3 - Thanks to Peter at Coast Is Clear for the headsup on this and the next two. (If I did theme posts, I could maybe tie this one to The Bleeding Hearts' song.)
Sidewaytown - Asylum F220 mp3 - Peter has another nice shoegazer by Sidewaytown here.
Nina Hynes - This Magic Stuff mp3 - What a gorgeous voice!

Friday, July 25, 2008

To the Weekend: R. Hitchcock, Dykeritz, Fields, Parts & Labor, Cinderpop, Details, Estepa, et. al. . . .

Globe of Robyns
It's always good to see Robyn awing. These other'ns got us aloft as well. We wish you a happy weekend!

Robyn Hitchcock - Bad Case of History mp3 - from the five-disc box set Luminous Groove, due August 19
Parts & Labor - Nowheres Nigh mp3 - from Receivers, due October 21
Hypatia Lake - The General's Gleaming Edge mp3 - from Angels And Demons, Space And Time

Fight Bite - Widow's Peak mp3 - from Emerald Eyes , due October 28
Jeff Hanson - If I Only Knew mp3 - from his forthcoming third album Madam Owl on Kill Rock Stars - Thanks to Fanatic Promotion.
Marching Band - Feel Good About It mp3 - Thanks to Pitchfork.

Fields - Are You Ready Yet? mp3
Cinderpop - Blonder mp3 - from A Lesson In Science
Bryan Estepa - Myself mp3 - from Sunday Best, released earlier this month - More downloadables by this Sydney singer/songwriter await you here and here.
The Details - Underground mp3 - From Draw a Distance. Draw a Border.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peachfuzz: Catch THEIR Snap

Catch Your Snap, by Californians Peachfuzz, is one of my very favorite albums of 2007. Start clicking on the song titles below and I think you'll start to see why. After that you've got several options, if you like. You can hear in full the rest of the songs on this and 2003's About a Bird at last.fm and buy what you like from last, Not Lame, eMusic, iTunes, or Amazon. (Clicky clicky.) I most highly recommend "Change Her Mind" and "About a Bird," two of my favorite songs of the past couple of years. You might also want to pay the band a visit at their MySpace and Teenacide Records sites. Primo pop, this.

Peachfuzz - Catch Your Snap
Filles Des Mers Du Sud mp3
Hero of Nineteen Eighty Three mp3
Silly Act mp3

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Music of the Sphere: Matthew Sweet, Fonda, SDFP, M. Benders, Beck, Youth Group, Azure Ray, Weezer, Dino Jr., Shins, et. al. . .

Well, I was about to turn in when a visitor alerted me to Too Poppy's excellent preview of the forthcoming Matthew Sweet album, Sunshine Lies. Casting my mind back thousands of seconds to yesterday, I remembered a pleasant encounter with two songs from the album at a PLAGUE of ANGELS. I had them slotted for inclusion in the next Music of the Sphere post, which, as it turns out, is this one. I'm including other wonderful musics I've found as well. Thanks, as always, to the incredible hosts. Oh, and I just gotta say it: Molotov, you're a freakin' ANGEL, man.

Beck - Pressure Zone - a PLAGUE of ANGELS - I'm not usually at his name and call, but this one got me up and moving.
Beck - Girl - a PLAGUE of ANGELS - As did this one, obviously.

Oppenheimer - Cate Blanchett & Fireworks Are Illegal in the State of New Jersey - Obscure Sound - I posted "Look Up" previously, so click and hear it here or just listen to it while you're at Obscure Sound. Your call.

P.S.: I would put all the artists' names in the postitle, but Blogger limits the number of letters. My titles are bulky and gauche and such, but I'm thinking the names will help those of you who subscribe via feeds to decide whether you want to trudge on over here.

P.S.S: I've decided to stop worrying whether I post too many songs at once.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh-So-Gently: Gentleman Jesse, Silent Kids, Aquabats!, Bottomless Pit, Apollo Sunshine, Ra Ra, For Against, Soda Fountain Rag, Little My, Perhapst

Picture most likely includes His Men. . .
Here's hoping the following will provide suitable intellectual/spiritual stimulation for the weekend and beyond.

Gentleman Jesse and His Men - from their self-titled lp, released July 8

Silent Kids - Stars and Rust mp3 - Thanks to Cable & Tweed for the headsup on this song and the next. C&T has one more by Silent Kids. The band's MySpace site has several more for downloading.
The Aquabats! - Fashion Zombies! mp3 - No end helpful for pre-fall (or spring) wardrobing options. . .
Bottomless Pit - Fish Eyes mp3

Apollo Sunshine - Singing to the Earth (To Thank Her for You) mp3 - from Shall Noise Upon, due to "drop" next month - Thanks to World's Fair.
Ra Ra Riot - Dying Is Fine mp3 - from The Rhumb Line, due out August 19

Soda Fountain Rag - Don't Kill the Clowns mp3
Perhapst - Incense Cone mp3 - from their self-titled June release

Friday, July 18, 2008

Music of the Sphere, New Friend Edition: Shins, New Pornographers, Stars, Tilly, Magnetic Fields, this., Maine, Kinch

I've got a new blogfriend who doesn't know me, etc. He's a Torontan called "Allan." I spent a couple of hours in Allan's World tonight and kept saying, "Wow!" Here are some of the numbers I liked best. Believe you me, he's got much, much more. Thanks, Allan! I'm looking forward to joining the happy hordes who visit you regularly. (BTW, visitors mine, when you reach Allan's World, you might need to Page Down five or six times to get to the post. I did, anyway.)

New to Me (great way for a blogger instantly to lose credibility. . .had he any to lose)
this. - I Can't Dance - Allan's World
Kinch - It's Always Mountains - Allan's World
The Maine - The Way We Talk - Allan's World

"Long-Time" Faves
The Shins - Girl Inform Me - Allan's World
The New Pornographers - Bones of an Idol - Allan's World
Stars - What I'm Trying To Say - Allan's World
Tilly and the Wall - Chandelier Lake - Allan's World
The Magnetic Fields - The Nun's Litany - Allan's World
The Magnetic Fields - Strange Powers - Allan's World

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Learning to Crawl: Locksley, Goldcure, Charlene, Hypatia Lake, West Indian Girl, Indian Jewelry, Halou, Even As We Speak, HOPUK, Pinto, et. al. . . .

Crawl we forth from our rock to rock. Sorry for making you wait.

Locksley - All Over Again mp3 - from the above
Goldcure - Too Long mp3 - from Portuguese Prince, to be crowned August 26
Charlene - No Fly mp3 - more from these Newton, Mass.ers here - Thanks to Peter at Coast Is Clear for the headsup on this and the ones below labeled CIC.

Hypatia Lake - The Lucifer Rebellion mp3 - from Angels And Demons, Space And Time, due to break out July 15
West Indian Girl - Blue Wave mp3
Indian Jewelry - Swans mp3 - We like how this previously posted IJ no. psoothed our psyche:
Temporary Famine Ship mp3

Halou - Stonefruit mp3 - CIC
Even As We Speak - Falling Down the Stairs mp3 - CIC
Hearts of Palm UK - People & Logistics mp3 - from For Life, due out October 14 - Thanks to Brooke Black of Big Hassle Media for the alert.

The Saturday Nights - Stranded (7" version) mp3 - more TSN dls here
Sunny Summer Day - So Much Fun mp3 - from the Me, Myself & The Empty Soul EP

Click song titles to listen, artist names for further enlightenment.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

No Lack: Lackloves, Paper Airplane Pilots, Catalysts, B&C, Paper Rival, Firefox AK, PUSA, Reeve, Luca, Exp. Aircraft, PacificUV, Tears Run Rings

Well, okay, we lack words to do the songs justice, but they stand on their own. Click green and orange stuff for more verbiage, tuneage, etc.

Pair of Pairs
The Lackloves - from Cathedral Square Park - Thanks to Auditeer and Little Hitsman Stewart Mason for the headsup. Three more are downloadable at The Lackloves Myspace page and four more at their Rainbow Quartz page. I've had no lack of love for this superb Milwaukee band for some time now.
On My Way mp3
Summer Rain mp3
Paper Airplane Pilots - Thanks to my iPod for sharing an eMusic Faves playlist that included these Windy City flyboys. Click bandname to download more songs.

The Catalysts - Goes On Forever mp3 - Click band name to find another downloadable.
Bonnie & Clyde - First Fall mp3 - If you don't like slow, wait till 00 :48.

The Nashville/Stockholm Connection (i.e., we're reaching)
Paper Rival - Cassandra mp3

Reach Exceeds Grasp
Reeve Oliver - Yer Motion mp3 - And in case you missed it in a previous post:
Luca - Damned mp3

Definitely Gaze
Experimental Aircraft - Stellar mp3
Tears Run Rings - The Weight of Love mp3

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Music of the Sphere: Shins, Pogues, Chad and Jeremy, Dig, Julie Ocean, Elvis C.

I sincerely hope that with this third MotS post in a row I am not forfeiting the very last microshred of respect you might--might, mind you, I take nothing for granted, you are a silent, restless beast whose mien I can't always, in fact can almost never, read--have for me, but I've found these hosted songs and want you to have the chance to hear them if you haven't already or even if you have and want to again. I promise I have a nice haul of tuneage you'll be able to click and launch right here, and I'll be posting some of it quite soon. I'm personally more than willing to click dozens of times to get to good tuna, but we needn't go into that at this time. Many thanks to the hosterposters and to you for your kind forbearance.

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