Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peachfuzz: Catch THEIR Snap

Catch Your Snap, by Californians Peachfuzz, is one of my very favorite albums of 2007. Start clicking on the song titles below and I think you'll start to see why. After that you've got several options, if you like. You can hear in full the rest of the songs on this and 2003's About a Bird at last.fm and buy what you like from last, Not Lame, eMusic, iTunes, or Amazon. (Clicky clicky.) I most highly recommend "Change Her Mind" and "About a Bird," two of my favorite songs of the past couple of years. You might also want to pay the band a visit at their MySpace and Teenacide Records sites. Primo pop, this.

Peachfuzz - Catch Your Snap
Filles Des Mers Du Sud mp3
Hero of Nineteen Eighty Three mp3
Silly Act mp3

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