Sunday, July 13, 2008

Learning to Crawl: Locksley, Goldcure, Charlene, Hypatia Lake, West Indian Girl, Indian Jewelry, Halou, Even As We Speak, HOPUK, Pinto, et. al. . . .

Crawl we forth from our rock to rock. Sorry for making you wait.

Locksley - All Over Again mp3 - from the above
Goldcure - Too Long mp3 - from Portuguese Prince, to be crowned August 26
Charlene - No Fly mp3 - more from these Newton, Mass.ers here - Thanks to Peter at Coast Is Clear for the headsup on this and the ones below labeled CIC.

Hypatia Lake - The Lucifer Rebellion mp3 - from Angels And Demons, Space And Time, due to break out July 15
West Indian Girl - Blue Wave mp3
Indian Jewelry - Swans mp3 - We like how this previously posted IJ no. psoothed our psyche:
Temporary Famine Ship mp3

Halou - Stonefruit mp3 - CIC
Even As We Speak - Falling Down the Stairs mp3 - CIC
Hearts of Palm UK - People & Logistics mp3 - from For Life, due out October 14 - Thanks to Brooke Black of Big Hassle Media for the alert.

The Saturday Nights - Stranded (7" version) mp3 - more TSN dls here
Sunny Summer Day - So Much Fun mp3 - from the Me, Myself & The Empty Soul EP

Click song titles to listen, artist names for further enlightenment.


Unknown said...

Remember to listen to the entire Goldcure album. Quite a debut! Hope everything's fine btw! :)

pplist said...

I'll be sure and check out the rest of Goldcure, M. It's a delightful summer so far, and I hope yours is, too. Thanks, as always.

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