Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Findings: Bishops, Averkiou, Levitation Room, Ballard, In Her Eye, Lindberg Hotel

Here are a few recent finds we're loving and you might.

We also especially like #s 2 & 3 on this comp from Twin Cousins Records. More The Rozwell Kid here and The Warm Fuzzies here.

We don't have the foggiest how the Gainesville band pronounces their name, but #5 also plunks our twanger.

We've been rooming with them for a couple of months now and float blissfully. We also very much like #s 15 & 16 on this comp from The Psychedelic Underground Foundation.

It's always good to hear from Britbud "Ballard," aka "Darren." Song #1 was the main one we wanted to post, but Bandcamp took over and put #3 first. #5 is quite naughty. More excelentes here.

We've been on this Ride for a long, long time, now, and this tribute comp from The Blog That Celebrates Itself is well-deserved. Our other favorites are #s 1 & 11. Do we rue the lack of all-time fave "Twisterella?" Not necessarily.

We're pretty sure whose Fanclub these hoteliers are in.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Someone Still Loves You Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin . . .

. . .and some of the someones are we. Also Side One Track One, which has the new one for free download. Someone might have seen it in our Songdrop widget since Friday, but maybe not. We eagerly look forward to the June 12 Polyvinyl release of SSLYBY's forthcoming The High Country. Intensive archival research indicates free downloadables are still available here, here, & here. Facebook 'em here.

Free download here (as previously noted, duh).

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Music of the Sphere: Built to Spill, Gap Dream, Echo Lake, Low Profyle, Public Service Broadcasting, Fireworks, Trust Fund

Here's what we hunted down during recent peregrinations with our pet peregrine, Tim. Tim and I would like to screech preyerful thanks to the generous bloggers who provided the tasty prey.

Built to Spill - Never Be The Same - Side One Track One

Gap Dream - Fantastic Sam - Newtown Radio Blog

Echo Lake - Waves - Indie Rock Cafe

Low Profyle - Substitute (The Who cover) - Killed By Death Records

Public Service Broadcasting - Go! - KEXP Blog - Not our usual sort of fare, & we might lose cred (had we any) for posting it, but we're far too exhilarated to care.

The Fireworks - Runaround - Fingertips

The Fireworks - Tightrope - Polaroid
Trust Fund - Cut Me Out - Polaroid

Tim (l) 'n galpal Lulu in a little post-prandial Frenching

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dot Dash: Earthquakes & Tidal Waves

We've been enjoying D.C. powerpoppers Dot Dash for several years now and were pretty darned excited to get their email announcing a new LP just out on the Beautiful Music label. After listening to Earthquakes & Tidal Waves, we were Richter scalishly shaking in our booties. We in fact loved every song and mega-loved six of them (#s 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, & 9 below). Ten for ten doesn't often happen in these particular ears. Of course we weren't totally surprised, seeing as the LP was produced by one of our all-time favorite music men, Mitch Easter, and recorded at his Fidelitorium in North Carolina.

Although DD generously made song #3, "Rainclouds," available for free download, nervous and quivering and stuff, we officiously/humbly asked whichever Dot Dasher had written us if we might host 'n' post our very favorite from the LP. Hence our pleasure in planting "The Winter of Discontent" below. You need to know, though, that it can only be available for free download for one week. After that the link goes "poof." So here it is and below that is "Raincloud" and below that is a fabulous album we feel certain will be one of our very favorites of the year.

Dot Dash - The Winter of Discontent mp3
3-31-15, 4:13 P.M. - "poof"

Update: The ever generous Dot Dash have widgeted a freely downloadable file of "The Winter of Discontent." Bravo, guys!

Free download here.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Everything's Exploding, Installment 2: Mazes, Thee Oh Sees, Moon Duo, Bloody Knives, Ceremony, Apteka

About a moon-and-two-thirds ago we began what was intended to be a series of songs we loved from compilations posted by the excellent blog/label Exploding in Sound. But then, true to form, after Installment 1, we stalled.  Let us therefore reignite. So, like, boooom.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Mile-High Psych from Plum

Don your paisley and groove sixtily to these Denver psychpoppers. If interested, you can visit and Like and stuff  at their Facebook. Thanks to The Revue for the headsup.

BTW, we have no way of knowing if size and format matter to you, but the first song is a biggish 35MB WAVE file. We downloaded it to iTunes, right-clicked & converted it to a 3.96MB mp3 file, and recyclebinned the WAVE. The second is an m4a file, but we found it available in mp3 format here. Perhaps you're plum(b) tuckered out by all this low-level technobabble, so we'll cease and desist.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

R & G Have The Carnations!

We put this ace London band in some of our Songdrop mixes and just now found that Rollo & Grady have posted the above song for download. Bravo!

SoundCloud Hopscotch Catch-Up, Episode 4: Omega Vague, The Pink Flowers, Charlie Belle, The Cannanes, Tallinn Daggers, The John Steel Singers (feat. Robert Forster of, you know, The Go-Betweens)

We wet ourselves with pleasure to receive a comment from someone saying they were enjoying this little SoundCloud series we've been doing the past few days. This post actually concludes what we had planned, but in the process we've uncovered a bunch more "'cloudies" we'd still like to post. We'll try to do so soon. We begin with our most recent downloadable Soundcloud discovery and work back toward the not-too-distant past. Previous posts are here, here, and here.

Free download here.

Music of the Sphere, Emergency Rollo & Grady SXSW Edition: Cloud Nothings, Gap Dream, Holy Wave, Jacco Gardner, JEFF the Brotherhood, The Memories, Moon Duo, Tweens, Wand-, Warm Soda, Will Butler

We visit L.A. bloggers Rollo & Grady pretty much every day and were getting kind of worried by their more-than-one-month hiatus from posting (February 15, 2015-March 16, 2015, to be exact (and a 15-day lacuna BEFORE THAT!!!)). But, phwewwwww ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '*, they're back, and with a copacetic vengeance, a 120+-song SXSW playlist replete with muchos downloadables.

Our faves are below, and they're all at the same post. We omitted a few we've recently posted, but by all means, go and draw deeply from the well of delight they've dug and we dig. And, OF COURSE, thanks, Rollo. You, too, Grady. Glad to see youse're back.

Again, click here to go to the post. The songs are posted at R&G in alpha order by artiste.

Cloud Nothings - Didn't You
Gap Dream - 58th Street Fingers
Holy Wave - Albuquerque Freakout
Jacco Gardner - Clear the Air
JEFF the Brotherhood - Bone Jam - the first one we ever posted by the Bros. Sigh. Oh, wow, it still lives.

The Memories - Dancing In My Dreams
Moon Duo - Sleepwalker
Tweens - Be Mean
Wand- - Flying Golem - one of our favorite songs of recent memory
Warm Soda - Someone for You - another faveband/man
Will Butler - What I Want

Their Spotify playlist of the songs is here. We don't really like Spotify all that much, but so what?

*simulated sweatdrops, flicked

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

SoundCloud Hopscotch Catch-Up, Phase 3: Veronica Falls, Kids on a Crime Spree, Virginia Wing, The Manticores, Wild Nothing, Crystal Stilts

We've been enjoying this little retro hop back through our previously unposted SoundCloud tuneage. Hope someone else has, too. Previous recents here and here.

Free download here.

Free download here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

SoundCloud Hopscotch Catch-up, cont'd: Seapony, Taffy, Sad Day For Puppets, California Wives, La Luz, Midlake

We continue hopscotching backwards and forwards through the cloud of Sound, listening to songs we love. Click down arrows and links to download.

Free download here.

Free download here.

Monday, March 16, 2015

SoundCloud Hopscotch Catch-up: The Chemistry Set, The Golden Dawn, Wooden Shjips, Big Eyes, Corey TuT, Cocktails

We've alluded several times to a mysterious document on which we make note of songs we would like to post. For various reasons, mostly jejune, we don't always get them posted. We just now worked our way back through our list of SoundCloud widgets and are going to do a series of posts in an attempt to catch up. (We won't, of course, but Eff for Effort, wot?) We hope you find some tuneage to like. We'll start with some from several years back and work our way towards the present. Strict chronology will not be observed. Click down arrows and links to download.

Free download here.

Blast from the Past: Prince Rupert's Drops

We love these Brooklyn psychpoppers and should have posted this long ago.  Their November 2014 Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records release, Climbing Light, can be purchased here. Get up close and personal here.

Free download here of "Almond Man," courtesy of Goldest Egg 

Friday, March 13, 2015

From a MUT & SNT Compilation: Single Lash, Unlikely Friends, Shy Mirrors, Lame Drivers

Here are four songs we especially like from Without A Trace, a 24-tune compilation courtesy of Mirror Universe Tapes and Serenity Now Tapes. A couple of them start out kind of harsh (e.g., the perky pitbullish barking on the Unlikely Friends' number), but calm quickly and achieve grooviness.

We actually kept four others which we like but have screwpulls as to whether regular visitors will. #'s 4 & 6 we classified as "maybes," while #'s 5 & 13 were kind of like "for our ears only." (Not that they actually are, as we are an equal opportunity earsblog.) Not to put too fine a point on it, but our ears said #'s 14-24 suck (if ears can actually say something). But, hey, each widget below has all 24 songs, so let your own ears do the talking.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mikal Cronin - ii) Gold from MCIII

Here's the second single from MCIII, the forthcoming (May 5) Merge release by one of our very favorite rockpersons. Needless to say, we are perfervidly pumpéd.

And if you want to do more than just listen, Side One Track One's got it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tame Impala Let It Happen . . .

. . ., only longer and more 'lectronic. It's not your older sister's (or your younger self's) TI, but it's the same creator and same voice, and that's good. You'll see in the widgeted comments an interesting variety of sentiments, some of which you just might share. We tend to agree with the guitarophiles, but we certainly wouldn't post the song if we didn't like it.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Cardiff Artists Houdini Dax

We were checking out Mr. Suave's most recent Modcast playlist and really "dug" Cardiff 3-piece Houdini Dax. It will be easy to find if youdotoo by clicking below. Other escapist fare here and here.

We also "dug" some of the other bands Mr. S featured, some of whom found their way into some of our Songdrop playlists, including the Currents mix in the upper-right corner of this page. We particularly recommend Londoner Paul Orwell, whom we would have blogposted had his free Soundcloud links not expired. We're definitely going to buy him, though, and recommend you have a listen.

Spoiler Alert: Speaking of "dug," who "dug" what Doug dug on the finale of House of Cards, Season 3? Just wondering.♠

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Your 33 Black Angels, New & Not-So

We got so excited about the Brooklyn collective's just-released single from their to-be-released-on-May-12 elpeee Glamour that we dropped it into our Songdrop Currents mix to the upper right here. And it reminded us fondly of "Psycho On Your Side," a dearly beloved 2007 song we've been enjoying since around 2007. We've widgeted both these songs below, along with a link that can get you a slightly more uptempo version of "Psycho" as a free download (plus several other of their early hits). Read and hear more here, here, and here.

Slightly more uptempo version as a free download (plus several other of their early hits) here

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Recent Fynds: The Reaction, Painted Hills, Flashes, Lunchbox, Cozy Catastrophes, Dany Laj

Had we the words and skill to tell how much we love the following, we probably wouldn't anyway because writing about music is like dancing about Swan Lake.

We found that one and the next while sampling the most excellent Songdrop Psych Mix of musical cognoscenta, Debra47 (of Last, Twitter, Power Pop Review, and various other Social Media hotspots).

Free download here

Be sure and check out the rest of the excellent February Records Anniversary Compilation, if you, you know, want to. We also like this next one at the selfsame compilation. If you like it, 2, you might want to visit our previous post on this talented Bloomington tweester.

Pleasure to thank longtime visitor John B for the headsup on this pleasing popper (and the rest of The Match as well). And in case he reads this, I hope he's alert to the new one forthcoming from Ash, on to whom JB first turned us.
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