Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From EardrumsPop to EardrumsYours: Dutch Barn, Tearjerker, Red Deer People, The Paris Work-In

We've been enjoying this East London band's gentle gaze for several months now and just noticed some of it's available for free download over at netlabel EardrumsPop.

That first number up there is a cover of a song by Toronto's Tearjerker. Maybe you'd like to compare the two versions. We like them both, each for slightly different reasons.

Finally, or so it seems, we found all of that via a very nice email from Eardrums announcing a 31-song, 3-volume compilation called Between Two Waves - The Second Wave. The first volume was released today, with more to follow. Below are our two favorites from Volume A. Check out the rest if you like: you can stream it here and download it here.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday Miscellany, aka The Return of The SoundCloud Nine: Pixies, The Medusa Snare, Gorgeous Bully, Ski Lodge, I Was A King, White Fence, The Everywheres, Day Ravies, Blood Sister

You might've noticed that yesterday's Miss Sell-a-Knee came all courtesy of Bandcamp. Well, the Equal Time Police (ETP) demand equal time for SoundCloud, so here we go. We used the word "recently" in yesterday's post. Well, some of the loved ones below are recent, but others go a little farther back in time. Therefore do we brace ourselves for the usual flingings of "Gee, pp, why can't you post music as it comes out instead of making us wait for, like, ever?" Harsh, but we're tough guy(s). We've built up scabs to protect us from such scabrous scat. Besides, you've probably found lots of them already and elsewhere, so ho-hum. Oh, hope you like. (Click down arrows or heres to download.)

Get a bunch more excellent free and legals by former member(s) of The Manhattan Love Suicides here.

Download here.


One of our very favorite bands of the last coppola years. Quiet recording, so toin it up. Download here.


Download here.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Miscellany: The Dollyrots, Fixing Bayonets, Luna Ghost, Psychedelic Trips To Death, Lowtide

Here are a few free and legals we've recently found and likedalot. Hope you find you like. (Clicking links will take you to various fruitful places.)

Comfort-inducing Linespacer (C-iL)

Click LP title to find a bunch of psyched-up covers, including Monkees, Stones, Barrett, etc.

Psychepopic Jangle from The Dandelion Seeds

We found and loved these Icelandic jangleurs during a routine search and enjoy mission at The Active Listener. Many thanks to TAL Master Gardener Nathan Ford for the puff. Our three favorites among an excellent crop:

Hear/download The Dandelion Seeds' entire self-titled LP at Bandcamp.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

California Dreamin' with The Yetis

From the gnarmax surfin' mecca of Allentown, PA appear, as by magic, this amped band of jangleurs. Ten other tubular freebies await you at Soundcloud, so, like, suit up and go get a Yeti wettie warmer. (You see by our patois that we are both surfers, if you learn the patois you can be a surfer, too.)

BTW, not trying to get controversial or anything, but does it seem that Smithssongs sometimes sound better in other voices? It doesn't to us, but just wondering.

Dum Dums ditty downloadable here

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Return of The Zebras

Brisband The Zebras return June 27 with Siesta, their first LP in seven years. We've long enjoyed their melodious, gentle jangle and if the two freebies from Jigsaw (USA) and Lost and Lonesome (Oz) are indicative, we'll be picking up right where we left off. Many thanks to Melbourne blog Who The Hell for the headsup.

We're also posting below a song we downloaded some time ago courtesy of Pop Boomerang. You can begin the process of a free download by clicking here.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Golden Oldie from Silver Sun

You experienced poppers probably discovered this fab London band long ago, but recent rummaging turned up that freebie via the Silver Sun website. They are one of our favorite finds of the last ten years, and a recent count showed we've purchased 44 songs by them, one at a time. You can sample and buy a whole bunch of them here, including those on 2013 LP  A Lick and a Promise.

You can also stream a bunch by "Lord Melbury," aka Sun James Broad, at his SoundCloud page. That's where we found the following excellent downloadable. (Click down arrow.) Wikipedia has a useful article with lots of helpful links.

Return Trip on The Airplanes

You may remember our recent effusions over Fayetteville, Arkansas' powerpoppin' The Airplanes? Well,they're back with two tickets for . . . ya, so belt up for takeoff and click below. BTW, the previous songs we posted are still available for download at that aforelinked post.

Excellent Powerpop from Herzog

Excitement mounts over the imminent release (May 20) of the Cleveland poppers' upcoming Exit Stencil Recordings LP, Boys. Below you will find a grown-up single from Boys, plus several other free downloadables from previous eras. Other freebs await you at their Exit Stencil bandpage. (Reminder: Right click/Save As)

Update, May 14: Well, Exit Stencil's Herzog webpage seems to have exited, at least for the time being. We're widgeting the excellent "Mad Men" for free downloading below. Good luck with the rest (and we mean that).

Update, May 15: ESR's Herzog page is back, but mp3s aren't working, for us anyway. This is probably our last update to this post.

Unicycle Loves You & We Do Them (And You, Too, Probably, You Know, Depending)

We're enjoying these two singles from the Chicago-to-Brooklyn threesome's fourthcoming (June 10) LP, The Dead Age. Hear and download a bunch more at SoundCloud and Bandcamp, explore more at Facebook.

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