Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Faves of the Faves - April 2018: The Connection, Wimps, Linus of Hollywood, Ash, Zombie Girlfriend, Triptides, Mick Trouble, Tommy Lorente, Honey Radar, Mystery Flavors, Spires, Melody's Echo Chamber, The Dead Ends, The Chemistry Set, The Jim Mitchells, The Junior League, D.A. Stern, Sam Evian, Peach Kelli Pop, Plains, Billy & Dolly, Hover Bored

A captcha from the Triptides vid. 

Phwewwww, just in time do we post our 24 very favorite finds of powerpop, janglepop, psychpop, and otherpop from last month. In time for what? Good q.

You'll find the full list of April 2018 finds over at Playmoss, along with lots of other playlists of songs we love. Occasionally the Playmoss widget balks at playing a song, especially if it's imported from Bandcamp. If this happens, just click the Play arrow and things should groove. As always, we do hope you, too, find music to like or love.

And here's a song we loved that Playmoss would not accomodate.

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