Saturday, June 28, 2014

Moon Sounds, Sunspots Kindling Our Desire for More Kindling

We're def fired up by this excellent new ditty from Easthampton, MA's "413 alternative diy fuzz pop indie pop indie rock jangle pop lo-fi post-punk shoegaze" duo Kindling. "Fiber in your java, fizz in your pop," that's what we always say (now that we've finally said it). Read, hear, dl, etc., more hereherehere, and here.

Here are a couple of less fizzy numbers we're very much enjoying from their February LP, Spare Room, available for name-your-price download at Bandcamp.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I (Don't) Wanna Stay Away from The Black Tambourines

These Cornishlads put out one of our favorite songs last year (see/hear below), plus a bunch of others we loved, grabbed, and bought. Below is their latest, excellent, free and legal Art Is Hard single, taken from a forthcoming LP of which we don't yet know the name but will let you know when we do by simply editing this post to make it look like we've known all along.

See our previous glowing post for free and legals from their Chica EP and go to their SoundCloud page for even more. We might suggest hovering over those download arrows at SoundCloud because while some of the songs are of relatively low megabytage, others are up in the 33.3-57.5 MB range. Read, hear, and buy more here, here, and here.

Here's a low-MBer we "dig" off their first LP.

And, yes, this one just goes all through us nice and goood. Wow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Music of the Sphere: White Fence, Bleached, Spider Bags, Karma, Jack And The Ripper, Dune Rats, The Glockenwise

Oooh, The Pharmacy, too. Must've been a great hop.

Isn't it funny how something you previously avoided can quickly become the norm? ("Yes, pp, wildly; note the streaming tears.") Anyway, for various reasons, we're kind of enjoying doing MotS posts with shorter hiati*, one being they're more up-to-date. We were kind of hoping SOTO would host that new White Fence song, so when they did, voila. Thanks to three of our favorite sets of bloggerfolk for the following.

White Fence - Like That - Side One Track One
Bleached - For The Feel - Side One Track One
Spider Bags - Japanese Vacation - Side One Track One

Karma - Kaylyn - Indie Rock Cafe - Jump to bottom of page.

Jack And The Ripper - Will You Be Mine - Rollo & Grady
Dune Rats - ET - Rollo & Grady
The Glockenwise - Go Song & Explosive Generation - Rollo & Grady

*hiatuses, whatever

Monday, June 23, 2014

More from Eardrums: Coquelicot, Mikroflirt, & Photon + a Surprise Ursine Visit

Don't know if you've been enjoying those songs from that EardrumsPop compilation we posted last month, but we sure have. Here are our faves from the promised Vols. B & C of Between Two Waves - The Second Wave. You can freely download the whole caboodle here.

We also liked the song by The Grave Lobby but were kind of nonplussed by the advisory at Eardrums about securing permission to download. We did remember, though, that we very much enjoy the faction of TGL called "Bears" and thought you might like to revisit one we previously posted.

We also hunted down the following for your listening/downloading pleasure.

Um, we like that second song, too, but prefer #1. For some reason the Bandcamp widget keeps posting #2 first. Click the back arrow if you please. No biggie.

Let's Go Trippin' w/ The Red Plastic Buddha, Rob Clarke & The Wooltones, and Frantic Chant

For those of you psych-ically inclined, we highly recommend this summer solstice compilation from one of our favorite blogs, Trip Inside This House. Our three faves from the comp are posted below. Clicking will take you to the rest. Enjoy, Voyagers-to-Be, and Hail Valis!

Not Just Imaginary Pants

An official band photo
 (as they say)

We're fresh out of kites, and there are still a couple of hours of daylight left, but this Vancouver duo definitely has us panting with pleasure (and we aren't just imagining). Below are our two favorites from their recently released EP. Read, hear, and buy more herehere, and here.

Oops, just remembered, we do still have this one.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Not So Strange Babes

This LA/NZ collab adds perfect gently jangly comfort to a spring/fall day, holy or not. (We're betting summer/winter, too.) Read more here and here. Go here if you prefer Bandcamp.

Click down arrow to download.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Free Yummies from Nine Black Alps

The middle two still want their candy.
We were enjoying some recent eMusic purchases and got pleasantly, powerfully pinned by one from these Mancusians' 2012 LP, Sirens. Simple seeking uncovered the three below for name-your-price download. We also discovered the new LP, pictured above, and reserved pretty much every song for our next eMusic purchasefest. Explore for yourownself at their bandsiteFacebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and the aforementioned eMusic.

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