Friday, June 28, 2019

Freebie Faves from Screwballs and Curveballs ICM COMP 2019: The Galileo 7, Ashes For Dreams, Glenn Robinson, Tommy Sistak, David Woodard, The Speak, The Stan Laurels, Jordan Jones, Emperor Penguin, The Details, The Unswept, Day & Dream, Mondello, The Turnback, The Ace, Trip Wire, Building Rockets, Librarians With Hickeys, Psychotic Youth, Tommy & The Rockets, Nick Frater, and Streetcar Conductors

Dude's done it again. Mr. Wayne Lundquist Ford, aka "The Ice Cream Man," purveyor of powerpop, janglepop, hooky melodic pop, and other fine dairy products, has blazed forth with yet another of his annual Summer compilations of primo pop for FREE DOWNLOADing porpoises. (Sure, "blazed" is kind of oxymoronic, but we are proud, pimpled morons.)

We've just finished our annual recon of all 133 songs and have put together a playlist of our very favorites. (See it under the Bandcamp widget of all 133 songs.) If you find a song you'd like to download, click the ////bc link and be swept (or unswept, in one case) away to its Bandcamp page for downloading activity. To download all 133 songs, click the word "download" in the Bandcamp widget.

Many thanks to The Man, The Cool Cool Legend, Mr. WLF, for the expertise and effort involved in making this stellar collection available for y/our listening pleasure. And of course, many thanks to the superb artists for making such terrific music and letting us have it free of charge.

To view our previous posts of Ice Cream Man favorites, click here. (Prepare yourselves for a good long stay and myriad conesful of enjoyment.)

Update - - Individual songs are no longer available for free, BUT you can download the whole compilation at once for free. Wayne explains the situation here.

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