Sunday, January 31, 2016

How About Some Primitive Germs from The Arch Menaces?

Yeah, the postitle sounds kind of scary, but go change your armor, all will be well. Very, very well indeed.

We dropped this Adelaide band (Songdropped) a week or so ago and went on to buy some at eMusic. Grooving mightily to "The Masters" awhile ago, it occurred to our lizard brain bandproduct might be available elsewhere.

Well, sure enough, the fabulous Oz project Triple J Unearthed has info, samples, and free downloadables. Our hands tremble as, for the first time in our 9.25-year life (of blogging, not organicking), we post 3 (three) TJU widgets. We noticed various ways to download the three fd's they offer, but if you get confused, click on the + signs at the Triple J Unearthed TAM bandpage, and it gets pretty easy after that. (Alternatively, click the words, "The Arch Menaces" in the widgies.)

And in case you were wondering, here's what "The Masters" sounds like. Notice you can buy it and the rest of the LP at Bandcamp, courtesy of Jigsaw Records. (Yes, we noticed, Mr. Gift-for-the-Obvious.)

Sunday Fun with OhBoy!

Or Oh Boy! or Oh Boy or OhBoy. Whatever. He grabbed us with that head turn/look and then it got even better. We loved it/them so much we put it in Songdrop, but you might have missed it. Definitely a top song of the week. From the Midlands.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Polyvinyl Celebration 3: Warm Soda, White Reaper, The Rentals, Saturday Looks Good To Me

So, yeah, this should do it for the little impromptu Polyvinyl celebration thing we've been doing today. You've probably noticed by now, though, that we left approximately a jillion free and legals over at the Polyvinyl Bandcamp zone, so you take it from there. Or here.

Warm Soda are one of our very favorite current bands, as we've made fairly clear. In fact, their 
Symbolic Dream was also on our list of Favorite LPs of 2015.

Facebook   White Reaper    Bandcamp

The Rentals    Facebook   

Facebook    Saturday Looks Good To Me    Bandcamp

It's been a pretty busy Saturday around here, but, yeah, it does look pretty good, to us at least. If you didn't find anything to like, then . . . we'll just keep trying.

Polyvinyl Celebration 2: Headlights, The Like Young, Of Montreal, Vivian Girls, Asobi Seksu, Loney Dear

Continuing our Polyvinyl celebration, here are some more excelentes we found via their Bandcamp page. We're going back a decade or more here.

Facebook    Headlights    Bandcamp

Facebook    The Like Young    Wikipedia

Facebook    of Montreal     Bandcamp

Facebook    Vivian Girls    Bandcamp

Facebook    Asobi Seksu    Bandcamp

Facebook    Loney Dear    Bandcamp

A Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Polyvinyl Celebration

A music friend recently asked us what our favorite LPs were during Calendar 2015. We of course included the superb The High Country by Polyvinyl artists Phil, Will, Tom, and Jonathan, perhaps better known as Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. SSLYBY have been popping up at our blog since early days, and they certainly got us soaring with THC.

We wanted our friend to be able to experience THC in its entirety and found it available at Bandcamp. But holy shiksa what else did we find but a veritable treasure trove of Polyvinyl product, both for sale and for name-your-price download!

So here's what we're doing. First we gather our favorite widgeted SSLYBY nypers, post 'em, and then round up some of our other favebands for a second, maybe even third post. Even before all that, though, we pop in an old-fashioned mp3 of a fun collab by SSLYBY & another long-time faveband, Telekinesis. It was posted here, but the other songlinks have gone "poof" and you certainly don't want to go read our blather. So, ready? Left click to listen, right click to Save as. . ..

Oh, yeah, and here's the fabulous THC. Buy buy, seeya soon.

Green Buzzard of Oz

Sydney band Green Buzzard haven't put out much in quantity so far – in these parts at least – but they've more than made up for it in quality. We've bought all we could get our claws on and after listening to "Zoo Fly" a little while ago, decided to see if we could track down any other downloadables. And Voila!, SoundCloud and the band itself come through. We might mention that the first dlable below is a big old WAVE file, so you might want to convert it to mp3 after downloading. We've been saying that a lot lately, but that's okay. Enjoy the streamables and viewable as well and go way down under to see about gripping a free WAVE of "Phantasy Girl."

to go to a place where you can get a free download of
"Phantasy Girl."
Once there, click the moving heart-held

From a Bowie Tribute Compilation: The Heart Wants & Poltergat

A little less than one year before his untimely death, David Bowie was paid tribute by The Blog That Celebrates Itself. Below are our two favorites, one by Nebraska's The Heart Wants, the other by São Paulo's Poltergat. "Rebel Rebel" is our all-time Bowie fave.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

From Cornwall with Love: The Isabelles, The Black Tambourines, & Pastel Colours

Many thanks to The Revue for the headsup on Cornish band The Isabelles. We left one behind at their SoundCloud page for your consideration. Go Facebook 'em if you like.

This is a rather large WAVE file, so you might want to convert it to mp3 after downloading. The one below is strictly mp3, if a year older. We love the both.

Speaking of Cornish folk, you might want to check out our previous posts on The Black Tambourines and Pastel Colours. The relevant free and legal downloadables are still intact. We seem to remember that our favorite by The Black Tambourines was not free and legal when we posted it but appears to be so now, along with the entire excellent LP that holds it. (See below.)

Here's a reprise of the Pastel Colours song we posted before. Follow the link to our previous post to find more.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Emergency MotS: Jaromil Sabor at Still in Rock

Sure, we could wait a couple more weeks for the Spherical bucket to refill, but WHY? WHY??? No good reason, so . . .

We recently Songdropped a number by Bordeau beau Jaromil Sabor and are delighted to find Thibault posting a couple of others today at the fabblog Still in Rock. Listen below and go see SiR about gripping them. You can listen to more at SoundCloud and buy them at Bandcamp.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Recent Fiends: Painted Zeros, Blackpool Astronomy, C'est la Mort, Darkly, Honey Radar, Wonderflu

Finds, sure, but also fiendishly enjoyable . . .







From Pugrock Comps: S T A Y, Standup '69, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Static Daydream, Goth Babe, John Canoe

Sometimes you just gotta go low to get high. The Psychedelic Underground Generation embraces this truism, digs it, man. That's why they periodically put out superb compilations of psych tuneage, seemingly monthly. Here are our favorites from the two latest comps. Hurry, please, on that first one (#32), for we know not how long it will be dlable. Thank you. And thank you, TPUG.

From #32:

Go here for free download. And hurry. 

Go here for free download. And hurry. 

#32's also got Shadow Folk's excellent "Dexter," which we already posted. It's also got a lot more great psych, so go there.

From #33: (Update, 28jan16: Click here to go to the place of the free download.)

Yeah, these are only our favorites. There's great variety on these compilations, from psychpop to heavierdutystuff. Go low and seehearsmelltouchtaste yourself.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Marvelous Mark's Mahvelous, Dahling!

He used to be with Marvelous Darlings but now it's "just" "Marvelous Mark." Either way, Torontan Mark Fosco's pretty damned marvelous. We (sort of) partied with him/them before and are pumped to do so again. (That song's still available there for free, right-click download.)

Let's talk today, though, because just today he's crushin' it with a new LP called . . . Crushin'. MM's made two songs from it available for nypdl, so check 'em out below. We trekked over to his Soundcloud page and found several more free and legals as well. We've personally cued up a bunch for future purchase at eMusic

So that's what we're doing. What are you up to?

Oh, btw, you may have noticed that Mark deploys pictures of himself wearing blue lipstick, a pig mask, a snake, and stomach hair.*** We make no judgment as to which is scarier because we really really love his music. That's key.

***Mark records for Drunken Sailor Records. Coincidence?

One more thing: Here's our favorite from Crushin'.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Junebug in January

We just installed one of those "You might like" LinkWithin widgets, and it's already paying dividends. Sure, it might take you to posts where the links have gone "poof," but it also might take you to posts with good downloadable tuneage.

For example, we just paid a visit to a post with songs by much-cherished Welsh poppers Junebug and got all sad-like to see most of the widgets are empty. (One great song there is still working and downloadable.) So we followed the link to their SoundCloud page and got all happy-like to find a bunch of great downloadables, plus a fantastic update on their most recent product. Below are a few faves you might like to hear and download. We left plenty behind, in case you're interested.

And just in time for Christmas (2016):

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fuzzkillers: Departure Kids, Sweaty Palms, The Bellybuttons, Kill Surrrf, Sharptooth, Future Glue

Forthwith, a few faves found via aforementioned Bandcamp followee Popsnacking. All songs come courtesy of a coupla comps by "SCOTTISH RECORD LABEL AND PARTY PLANNER," Fuzzkill!

Lately we've been coming across cogent, articulate, intellectual musicbloggers disparaging musicbloggers that mostly just post music and don't write much. Like, ouch.

The Noise of the Lamb: Crawlers & Lamebrains & Gnomes

Quoting from his Bandcamp blurb, "Jaime Paul Lamb has been making some semblance of music since 1985 and has been in many Garage, Punk & Power Pop bands. Lamb has also been involved in the NYC & Minneapolis Free Jazz/Avant Garde communities and is Lodge Organist of Arizona No. 2 Masonic Lodge, Phoenix, AZ. His music has been released on labels such as Slovenly, Black Gladiator, Paradigms, Wood Shampoo, NHIC, and several others."*** So now you know.

Here are some of our personal faves among his myriad incarnations. We found Phoenix-based Mr. Lamb via the Bandcamp Collection page of newfound followee Popsnacking, who also has a nice eponymous Tumblr blog.

We also especially liked #s 1 & 5.

***Traditional Powerpopulist green artistname styleage added.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Emergency MotS Post: Matthew Melton @ Still in Rock

Yes, no sooner do we send you to Still in Rock for a happy glut than wily Frenchman Thibault follows through with another certified winner. We've mentioned a number of times how much we love the music of Matthew Melton, he of Bare Wires, Warm Soda, Pleasers, Snake Flower 2, and wtf knows whom else*** fame. Fortunately Thibault shares our love and just today posted two new ones by MM. You can sample them below and, if you like, pay Still in Rock a visit to download.

***Not an actual bandname (so far as we know) . . .
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