Saturday, January 16, 2016

From Pugrock Comps: S T A Y, Standup '69, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Static Daydream, Goth Babe, John Canoe

Sometimes you just gotta go low to get high. The Psychedelic Underground Generation embraces this truism, digs it, man. That's why they periodically put out superb compilations of psych tuneage, seemingly monthly. Here are our favorites from the two latest comps. Hurry, please, on that first one (#32), for we know not how long it will be dlable. Thank you. And thank you, TPUG.

From #32:

Go here for free download. And hurry. 

Go here for free download. And hurry. 

#32's also got Shadow Folk's excellent "Dexter," which we already posted. It's also got a lot more great psych, so go there.

From #33: (Update, 28jan16: Click here to go to the place of the free download.)

Yeah, these are only our favorites. There's great variety on these compilations, from psychpop to heavierdutystuff. Go low and seehearsmelltouchtaste yourself.

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