Sunday, January 31, 2016

How About Some Primitive Germs from The Arch Menaces?

Yeah, the postitle sounds kind of scary, but go change your armor, all will be well. Very, very well indeed.

We dropped this Adelaide band (Songdropped) a week or so ago and went on to buy some at eMusic. Grooving mightily to "The Masters" awhile ago, it occurred to our lizard brain bandproduct might be available elsewhere.

Well, sure enough, the fabulous Oz project Triple J Unearthed has info, samples, and free downloadables. Our hands tremble as, for the first time in our 9.25-year life (of blogging, not organicking), we post 3 (three) TJU widgets. We noticed various ways to download the three fd's they offer, but if you get confused, click on the + signs at the Triple J Unearthed TAM bandpage, and it gets pretty easy after that. (Alternatively, click the words, "The Arch Menaces" in the widgies.)

And in case you were wondering, here's what "The Masters" sounds like. Notice you can buy it and the rest of the LP at Bandcamp, courtesy of Jigsaw Records. (Yes, we noticed, Mr. Gift-for-the-Obvious.)

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