Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Junebug in January

We just installed one of those "You might like" LinkWithin widgets, and it's already paying dividends. Sure, it might take you to posts where the links have gone "poof," but it also might take you to posts with good downloadable tuneage.

For example, we just paid a visit to a post with songs by much-cherished Welsh poppers Junebug and got all sad-like to see most of the widgets are empty. (One great song there is still working and downloadable.) So we followed the link to their SoundCloud page and got all happy-like to find a bunch of great downloadables, plus a fantastic update on their most recent product. Below are a few faves you might like to hear and download. We left plenty behind, in case you're interested.

And just in time for Christmas (2016):

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