Monday, July 26, 2010

Procedure Club: More Golden Slumbers

Dear Membership Committee,

We always keep folders, manila and computeral, labelled "Procedural." May we therefore join da Club? If not, please know anyway that we love your music.

Yours, etc.

P.S.: Be sure to thank Ma and Pa Slumberland for letting us know about da Club. It was also nice of them to make available one more excellent tune here at pad Slumberland. TTFN.--pp

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Martial Arts: Quite Filling

Paul Kelly of Glasgow indie/powerpoppers The Martial Arts recently cooked up this tasty entree in his kitchen and kindly put it on our platter. This is the first TMA number since their acclaimed 2006 debut, Your Sinclair, which is downloadable for free at their MySpace site and also available at the commercial sites below (along with other fare). If the song above is an accurate foretaste of what's to come, we certainly anticipate anything but a sophomore slump. Thanks, Paul, for making us feel less empty in here [points to lonely heart].

MySpace | Amazon mp3 | eMusic

P.S.: We would also like to point you toward an excellent Scottish indie music blog Paul pointed us toward. More fine downloadables by Scottish bands are available at Kowalskiy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fever B: Catch It

Speaking of the superb Indiepages, we caught the above while paging through their Sounds section. It was love at first listen. We noticed the aforementioned Burger Records has (or have) a ton of excellent groups we've been discovering lately, some of which have names too naughty to mention here but most that do not.

pppurcha$e$ - March 2010

Well, well, well, looka here, another installment of pppurcha$e$. We bought some primo stuff at eMusic back in March, stuff you just might want to consider owning your ownself. You can either go to our barebones blog here (which has a couple of suggestions) or cut to the chase and go straight to the list o' links. Or, of course, neither.

Super Chunksa Superchunk

Our feelings exactly!

Superchunk - Digging for Something mp3 - from Digging for Something 7", released yestiddy

Superchunk - Skip Steps 1 & 3 mp3 - Merge Records will reissue the Chunk's No Pocky for Kitty and On the Mouth on CD, LP, and digital download on 17 August. (Please forgive our saying "the Chunk's." We're just trying to sound like "cool" bloggers.)

Superchunk - Misfits & Mistakes mp3 - from Leaves in the Gutter EP

Superchunk - Crossed Wires mp3 - from Crossed Wires 7" - Thanks to Indiepages for their long-ago permish to link to their great stuff.

Superchunk - Hyper Enough mp3 - from Here's Where The Strings Come In

The Merge Records update yestiddy got us pokin' through our files, where we found, to our horror, we had only posted "Hyper Enough." We offer the rest of the above in quest of forgiveness we neither merit nor expect. Lots of great things and people have come out of Chapel Hill, NC; these are four of the best.

Hot Hot Heat's Sound Alternative

Worry not: we shall find more pics.

Hot Hot Heat - 21 @ 12 (alternate version) mp3

This is the alternative to the version found on the Vancouver, BC band's LP Future Breeds.

MySpace | Bandsite | Amazon mp3 | eMusic

Jeremy Messersmith's Generous Donation

Easier, perhaps, than herding.

Tweest & Shout & Grab: Tullycraft Tribute LP

We're twee as coitus,
So, headbangers, bite us. . .

Oddly enough I was in the act of composing lyrics for a possible Tullycraft song when out of the blue arrives word of a forthcoming 21-song salute to the much-beloved Seattle band. (Some of that's apocryphal, but I gotta start these blogposts somewhere.) Due to drop 14 September and named after the final song on the album, Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook: A Tribute to Tullycraft features excellent covers by indie bands equal in number to the total of songs indicated above. Eager for full-length downloadable samples? We have two, courtesy of Lee Grutman of Unchikun Records.

But first, something from the tributees, to wet your, um, whistle.

Tullycraft - The Punks Are Writing Love Songs mp3 - from 2007's Every Scene Needs a Center, on Magic Marker Records

And now two wonderful somethings from an equal number of tributaries:

The Medusa Snare - Every Little Thing

Hot Lava - Pink Lemonade mp3

We were especially grabbed by The Medusa Snare and quickly discovered a major reason why: TMS contains two members (as well as three initials) of one of our favorite bands, the late, the great The Manhattan Love Suicides, an example of whose tuneage you can listen to/download quite soon.

The Manhattan Love Suicides - Suzy Jones
mp3 - from The Manhattan Love Suicides
BTW, if you haven't yet heard TMLS's superb "Kessler Syndrome," you need to travel to Italia molto allegro or something (and we trust you will be happy).

Suddenly we realize we haven't really said much yet about the excellent Tullycraft, cynosure of all this tribute bidness. Okay, click here, here, and here to learn more. The band have also made available another 12 free and legal mp3s in addition to the one posted above. Grab them here.

Finally, we're not sure if our ears deceived us while listening to "The Punks Are Writing Love Songs," but we thought we heard somewhere in it the word "bat." Maybe we were just reading the title to another song on Every Scene. . . ("Fangs On Bats") and got confused. Maybe it was the thought of a punk-penned love song. Whatever, we were reminded of an Austin band's untwee ditty we recently found and have been wanting to post, so here goes. The site where we found it has tons of free and legals, so if you're so inclined, click here and clean up. We did and felt quite squeaky.

The Hex Dispensers - My Love is a Bat mp3 - from Winchester Mystery House

Our fingers are kinda tired now, but we feel contented. Moo. Oh, one more thing. There are quite a few links in this post, so hover and discover.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Halsted: New San Francisco Treat

After a couple of solo EPs and a highly acclaimed debut LP, San Franciscan Ryan Auffenberg has recruited a very tight outfit and opened business under a new bandname. You can sample the songs at the Amazon link below and hear several more in full at MySpace. Many thanks to Joanna Noyes at For the Win Media for the headsup.

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