Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Martial Arts: Quite Filling

Paul Kelly of Glasgow indie/powerpoppers The Martial Arts recently cooked up this tasty entree in his kitchen and kindly put it on our platter. This is the first TMA number since their acclaimed 2006 debut, Your Sinclair, which is downloadable for free at their MySpace site and also available at the commercial sites below (along with other fare). If the song above is an accurate foretaste of what's to come, we certainly anticipate anything but a sophomore slump. Thanks, Paul, for making us feel less empty in here [points to lonely heart].

MySpace | Amazon mp3 | eMusic

P.S.: We would also like to point you toward an excellent Scottish indie music blog Paul pointed us toward. More fine downloadables by Scottish bands are available at Kowalskiy!

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