Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sundelles Most Certainly Can

from now New Yorkers' debut LP
Georgia Swan

We honor their modesty, but these California transcontinental transplants make a strong case that this song is misnamed. So, like, viva misnomers! Thanks to Courtney Greene at Banter Media for the headsup.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Power Pop-A-Licious Festival's Yummy Battle Plans

Move over, simpsluts and dudstuds, the powerpoppers are invading the Jersey Shore the weekend of April 30-May 1 and taking no prisoners. Under the auspices of Beat Army Commander Paul Collins, the first annual Power Pop-A-Licious Festival deploys in Asbury Park, NJ for a two-day live-fire by 18 new and battle-hardened powerpop bands. (Okay, they're doing it at a bowling alley--the vintage Asbury Lanes--but bear with our mixed metaphor thing, mkay?)

The generous Power Pop-A-Licious Pentagon (aka Pavement PR) are making 16 free and legal downloadables available here, from which we selected that opening salvo. We might post more--they gave us permish--but please go test-fire the rest if you like. Many thanks to Pavement PR, Paul Collins, and all concerned.

Below is the full lineup for the festival. Click band names for more information.

Saturday, 4/30
Bam Bams (Baltimore)
Peaces (Brooklyn)
Neutron Drivers (NJ)
Baxx Sisi's (Brooklyn)
Landlord (Bloomington, ID)
Future Virgins (Chattanooga)
Dirty Shames (NYC)
Amoebas (Grand Rapids)
Mother's Children (Ottawa)
Half Rats (Indianapolis)

Sunday, 5/1
BF's (Gloucester)
Kurt Baker (Portland, ME)
The Above (Brooklyn)
The Spectacles (Maryland)
The Electric Mess (NYC)
Glory Fires (Birmingham)
The Walnut Kids (Montreal)
Paul Collins (NYC)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Buck Pets: Big D-lightful

My eyes literally left their sockets yesterday when checking my profile. I had been doing a bit of musical time travel (The Buck Pets--->The Who--->Sidewinders (aka Sand Rubies)--->House of Freaks--->The Chesterfield Kings--->The Ophelias--->The Soup Dragons--->The LeRoi Brothers--->The LeRoi Brothers) and checked to see if the songs had scrobbled. Well, not only had they scrobbled, but I saw that Dallas band The Buck Pets' "A Little Murder" was available as a free download, along with twelve other of their songs. (Cue ocular ejection.) I had bought their eponymous LP back when it came out and had seen them open for the Ramones at the Back Room in Austin back in November 1988. (See a nice description of the concert here, nice because I didn't write it.) So here are two of my favorites off that album. You can take it from there. (Incidentally, future Indie star Britt Daniel was standing right beside me during the concert. He seemed to be enjoying them, too.)

Friday, March 04, 2011

Music of the Sphere: REM, B Fox, S Blue, O Sunshine, B Puppy, TP Emotion, F Convention, B Lips, A Manor, S Enz, Hollies, Ramones, Mascots, et. al.

Weekends seem the ideal time to post a long list, especially considering up to what these great bloggers have been. Many thanks to them for hosting and posting the following. Click pretty much anything in colors below and away you shall be whisked.

Seapony - I Really Do - 5 Acts

Fairport Convention - Tale in Hard Time - The Decibel Tolls

Davila 666 - Hanging On The Telephone (The Nerves cover) - Gimme Tinnitus

Plow United - Dance (Better Than I've Ever Seen) & Timmy Is An Arsonist - CYSTSFTS

Black Books - The Big Idea - Covert Curiosity - Surprise: a slow one we like

Shocking Blue - Venus - Aquarium Drunkard
Apex Manor - Teenage Blood - Aquarium Drunkard
Bill Fox - Over And Away She Goes - Aquarium Drunkard - Ever since Nada Surf turned us on to him, we've really been getting into this former Mice.

The Bubble Puppy - Beginning - Rollo & Grady
Oh Sunshine - I Belong To You - Rollo & Grady (pic)
Black Lips - Ain't No Deal - Rollo & Grady

Ramones - Pet Sematary - Popdose
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Knock Me Down - Popdose
R.E.M. - Pretty Persuasion & Driver 8 & Orange Crush - Popdose - plus 5 more

That Petrol Emotion - Hey Venus - Peter's Power Pop
The Hollies - Step Inside - Peter's Power Pop
Split Enz - Six Months in a Leaky Boat - Peter's Power Pop
The Mascots - Words Enough To Tell You - Peter's Power Pop

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Remeet The Fantasies

We recently sent you to The Decibel Tolls to grab this psychsurfspacepopperocker--Woah, we're speakin' German!--and today found it at Bandcamp, along with a couple more free and legals. We are invited to Meet The Fantasies, but actually finding information on "America's Phenomenal Pop Duo" is quite the challenge. Not to worry, though. Based on what we've put together from Bandcamp,, and several blogs we got into, they seem to be from Northampton, Massachusetts. I suppose one of our fantasies is to someday know the who, what, when, where, and other stuff about The Fantasies, but for now this fantastic song is nicely filling our heads with what we really need to know.

Update: We find the Bandcamp download widget's no longert available, so we're streaming via Soundcloud.

Update 2: Click to listen & download: The Fantasies - Tick Tock mp3

Jon Fratelli: Eh-Oh So Fine

Jon Fratelli of Glasgow's The Fratellis snagged us immediately with great hooks and strategically placed "eh-oh eh-oh eh-oh's" in "Rhythm Doesn't Make You A Dancer." Fratelli has recently completed his still untitled solo LP, due out later this year. Thanks to Tasha Anorak at Anorak London for the headsup. You can download it by clicking below and you can find other Anorak London Soundclouded tunes, including another by Fratelli, here.

Jon Fratelli by Anorak London

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Mrs. Magician Weave Spells

These San Diegans have definitely cast a spell or three over us the last several weeks, and we're woozy with pleasure. There's maybe not enough of the aroma of petrol and old paint cans to call it "garage," so we're going with "garage apartment." Whatever, it's poppy and catchy and we love it (as previously suggested). You'll find more at Bandcamp.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

David Myhr Makes Merry(-sounding) Single

David Myhr of the late, great Stockholm band The Merrymakers today released the first single from his forthcoming LP Soundshine, due out later this year. Listen to "Got You Where He Wanted" via Bandcamp below and download if you like (no email required). We love it and can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

From the South Pacific Comes Grand Atlantic

from Brisbane band's forthcoming LP


We've loved this fabulous foursome for several years now and can't wait for their next album to come ashore. They themselves are already ashore Stateside, playing their first of many March gigs tonight at Reggie's Music Joint in Chicago. See the concert flyer below for upcoming tour dates. (Click to enlarge.) Many thanks to Green Light Go for the headsup.

Update: The link is gone, but here's the song:

Capital Tuneage from Dot Dash

Dot Dash - Color and the Sound

Dot Dash - Tragedy/Destiny

Dot Dash - Learn to Fly

Washington, D. C.'s Dot Dash is made up of former members of Julie Ocean, Swervedriver, and Modest Proposal (among others), all of whom we've hugely enjoyed.*** It's therefore not shocking we love what we're hearing by this new incarnation. The band got in touch with us late last week and kindly granted permission to post the songs above. If you like what you're hearing, click below and go exploring. The German imprint Edition 59 has their Hurrah EP, while their Soundcloud page has eleven more songs you can sample. Facebook we trust you know.

Facebook | Edition 59 | Soundcloud

***Terry Banks (guitar, vox), Bill Crandall (guitar), Hunter Bennett (bass), Danny Ingram (drums)
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