Monday, March 21, 2011

Power Pop-A-Licious Festival's Yummy Battle Plans

Move over, simpsluts and dudstuds, the powerpoppers are invading the Jersey Shore the weekend of April 30-May 1 and taking no prisoners. Under the auspices of Beat Army Commander Paul Collins, the first annual Power Pop-A-Licious Festival deploys in Asbury Park, NJ for a two-day live-fire by 18 new and battle-hardened powerpop bands. (Okay, they're doing it at a bowling alley--the vintage Asbury Lanes--but bear with our mixed metaphor thing, mkay?)

The generous Power Pop-A-Licious Pentagon (aka Pavement PR) are making 16 free and legal downloadables available here, from which we selected that opening salvo. We might post more--they gave us permish--but please go test-fire the rest if you like. Many thanks to Pavement PR, Paul Collins, and all concerned.

Below is the full lineup for the festival. Click band names for more information.

Saturday, 4/30
Bam Bams (Baltimore)
Peaces (Brooklyn)
Neutron Drivers (NJ)
Baxx Sisi's (Brooklyn)
Landlord (Bloomington, ID)
Future Virgins (Chattanooga)
Dirty Shames (NYC)
Amoebas (Grand Rapids)
Mother's Children (Ottawa)
Half Rats (Indianapolis)

Sunday, 5/1
BF's (Gloucester)
Kurt Baker (Portland, ME)
The Above (Brooklyn)
The Spectacles (Maryland)
The Electric Mess (NYC)
Glory Fires (Birmingham)
The Walnut Kids (Montreal)
Paul Collins (NYC)

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