Monday, July 27, 2009

Apteka: Polished if not Polish

Wikipedia says, "Apteka is a Polish rock band, founded in 1983 in Gdynia. Their LP 'Narkotyki' won 'Płyta Roku' ('LP of the Year') of Gazeta Wyborcza in 1992. The word 'apteka' means 'drug store' in Polish. . . ." Wikipedia admits, though, its article is but a stub.

I do not believe that is the same psychygazy Chicago band under instant consideration. I could of course ask Adam, who, after all, did give me kind permish to post some songs, but am much too shy for such presumption. All I know is I've been hugely enjoying Apteka's music and thank Adam for said permish.

If you, too, like, you can get the other six (6) songs from their excellent Tour EP by going to the band’s MySpace site or by clicking here. The price is right: free.

Apteka - from Tour EP
Cicada Song mp3

Band Members: Dino, Jesse, Adam, Dave

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Melloncollies: Doggone Good

I am a little out of pocket at the moment, so by your sweet leave will simply share and split. Hope you enjoy this as much (or more) than I. No poochy lips here, that's for sure.

The Melloncollies - Simple Naïve Someone mp3 - from New Yawkers' debut full-length Somme Music release, Goodbye Cruel World - Thanks to Tom Martin at Advanced Alternative Media for bringing it on. There's a lot to click here; hover and discover.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Delfields: (are not) Ogres

This New Brunswick, New Joisey trio*** serves up pretty pure pop. (Words like “pretty pure pop” are not to be thrown around cavalierly – or roundheadedly – and I don't.) Yes, I said “trio,” despite the presence of two-thirds more personnel in the picture than previously indicated. It might be fun to try and figure out just who’s who and what’s what. For example, I’m thinking that after serving it up/rocking The Octopus into eight-armed limpitude till the early morning light, The Delfields invited Sad Zombie to their favorite field for a bit of grass-tugging. And it worked! Sad Zombie became Very, Very, Very Happy Zombie. That's what I'm thinking.

Or we could just give ear to the pop that Candice Jones at Team Clermont most graciously sent myour way.

(By the way, The Delfield’s logo is an octopus.)

The Delfields - from Ogres
Fawn Fight mp3
Ogres mp3

Update: The mp3 links have gone "poof," but here's how "Ogres" sounds.

***Joseph Fekete (lead vocals/guitar/principal songwriter) & twin brothers Ryan (bass/vocals) and Kyle (drums) Shook

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hej. Heh.

These high-climbing Brooklynites, former members of Philly's The Asteroid #4 and The Three 4 Tens, really know how to psych it to ya. From their debut, Himalaya:

Thanks to Tom Martin at Advanced Alternative Media.

Oh, yeh, heh, I still have these.

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