Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Delfields: (are not) Ogres

This New Brunswick, New Joisey trio*** serves up pretty pure pop. (Words like “pretty pure pop” are not to be thrown around cavalierly – or roundheadedly – and I don't.) Yes, I said “trio,” despite the presence of two-thirds more personnel in the picture than previously indicated. It might be fun to try and figure out just who’s who and what’s what. For example, I’m thinking that after serving it up/rocking The Octopus into eight-armed limpitude till the early morning light, The Delfields invited Sad Zombie to their favorite field for a bit of grass-tugging. And it worked! Sad Zombie became Very, Very, Very Happy Zombie. That's what I'm thinking.

Or we could just give ear to the pop that Candice Jones at Team Clermont most graciously sent myour way.

(By the way, The Delfield’s logo is an octopus.)

The Delfields - from Ogres
Fawn Fight mp3
Ogres mp3

Update: The mp3 links have gone "poof," but here's how "Ogres" sounds.

***Joseph Fekete (lead vocals/guitar/principal songwriter) & twin brothers Ryan (bass/vocals) and Kyle (drums) Shook


Anonymous said...

Check out the video for the Delfields' song Ogres:



pplist said...

Thanks, A. Kinda spoooky.

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