Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Freebies From the Archives: Downloadable Bandcampers - Phase 1

We prowled back through the Powerpopulist Archives and found a bootyload of free powerpopjanglepopindiepop, and other hooky melodic pop favorites still alive and ready. At post-time, all of the 50 songs below are available for free download. Clicking /////bc will take you to the Bandcamp page where you can download the song. If you find a pricetag attached there, click either a) Buy the Full Digital Album or b) the album name just under the song name at the top left of the page. We tested all 50 songs just before posting and found them still to be either Free Downloads or Name Your Price (in which case, simply type "0" in the price box). Oh, and if the widget below feels a bit cramped, here's the full-size page at Playmoss. We've got more to say but are saying it below the widget.

We already got too wordy up there but wanted to say a little more.

We started this "From the Archives" feature in the early days of Powerpopulist. New visitors kept arriving, and we wanted them to be able to hear freebies we'd already posted that they might like to hear and/or download. We did the feature fairly regularly, but once the Age of Widget took hold, we for some reason let the feature slide.

So we've just spent--and are still spending--many hours combing back though old posts and frankly feel rather well-groomed. There's still tons of tuneage that continues to please us and might well do the same to you. We've picked up quite a few followers and visitors via Facebook, and many of them probably aren't a) aware of how much music we've posted or b) enthusiastic about digging back through twelve years of posts to see what's there.

We've found it to be an endeavor pleasing, yes, but not for the short-of-patience or faint-of-heart. Along with the pleasure came much pain. Cherished favorites had dropped their links or (gasp) completely disappeared from sight. Embed codes had been scrambled so as to create chaotic visuals and deformed widgets. . . . Sorry, just give us a minute. . . . All right, we're okay now. We'd say more but it's just too fucking painful. And fortunately, there is the music that lives on.

Historical Footnote: After posting here a number of our Playmoss playlists, this is the first in which every single song is clickably and easily, freely and legally downloadable. We like that. It takes up less space and it gives you the chance to click through quickly, listen at length if you like, and grab the ones you want for your music library. We're gonna do more of it. (See below.) So, like, TA-DA!

Yes, we've got more of these From the Archives posts coming in the near future. After one or two more Bandcamp-based posts, we've got one coming of SoundCloud freebies, plus one or more of the old-fashioned word-based mp3 links that were the staple of this and other music blogs earlier in the century. Then came the Age of Widget, at Powerpopulist on Monday, May 16, 2011. (So bravo for M. Thibault Stillinrock, who carries on the venerable tradition over at . . . Still in Rock!)

We've said this many times before, but in case we didn't include songs that plunk your particular twanger, clicking /////bc will often take you to other songs and albums by the artists that might suit you better. In the case of compilations, you'll be exposed to oodles more artists, as well.

We also say it ad infinitum but ad reallymeanitum: Abundant thanks to the artists who made and continue to make their fabulous music available, whether for free or for purchase. Because, yeah, we do purchase quite a lot of music, as you can see here (another feature we perhaps need to revive) and at Bandcamp. We also buy from labels, online stores, Amazon and, as a last resort, iTunes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Faves of the Faves - November/December 2018: the dates, Cupid's Carnival, Wyatt Blair, The Late Show, The Bangles, The Kryng, The Money War, The Higher State, Firefly, Chemtrails, Calva Louise, Steel Tees, Mothboxer, Johnny Mafia, Hot Nun, Jeremy & The Harlequins, White Noise, Neighborhood Brats, Traffik Island, When Young, Hatchie, Lucia

Back in December we got so immersed in putting together our 2018 Powerpopulist Faves post that we didn't post a Faves of the Faves playlist for November and December. No great harm's been done, though, because A) quite a few of the songs appeared in that 2018 list and B) this blog is probably not capable of doing great harm. So here it is, and we hope you find lots of songs to like or love. Oh, and below the Playmoss widget are several songs we loved that wouldn't play in the widget. If you'd like to see the full playlists for November and December, click here and here.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Spaced-Based Powerpop Playlist

Over at the Facebook I Love Power Pop group, Adrienne Meddock of The Beef People issued a challenge: "Can you pick 5 power pop songs with a space theme for my contest over at my blog?" The answer: Why, yes, yes, we can, and then some. Since she herself came up with a list of 13, so did we. It could have been much, much longer, but this'll do for now. BTW, we realize that final song isn't really pure double p, but it's close enough and besides, it touches our tiny, alienated hearts.

Update, a few hours later: A hearty "ribbit" to one TubaFrog for the recommendation of Zolar X, now snuggled into and pushing the number of songs in the mix to 14.

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

2018 Powerpopulist Faves

Good moves from Bad Moves - and lots of others.

Behold and behear our very favorite powerpop, janglepop, indiepop, psychpop, and whateverpop songs from 2018. We decided to list these alpha songs in alpha order, with one exception: our favorite song of the year, Bad Moves' "Cool Generator," is at the top of the list. All the "The" bands' songs are down in the "T" range. As sometimes happens, Playmoss wouldn't accomodate several songs, so we've put them in their own widgets under the Playmoss widget. Songs Playmoss wouldn't identify by Artist Name and Songname are listed below the widget. Sometimes Playmoss balks at playing songs from Bandcamp, so if this happens, just click on the Bandcamp play arrow, and things should work out fine.

#2 - Ama - Love Demons
17 - Dot Dash - TV - Radio
19 - The Left Outsides - Clothed in Ivy Obscured by Dust
33 - J.F.K - Feel It Again
40 - K7s - Go Away
41 - K7s - It's The CIA
42 - K7s - Listen to My Heart
50 - Michael Simmons - No More Girls
59 - Rabbit Holes - We've Got Drugs, We've Got the Power
61 - Sauropod - Ripping
73 - Swingin' Utters - Human Potential
87 - The Faux Derix - Little Annie Meggs
98 - The Orange Kyte - Anti-Establishment Haircut
122 - Van Go - Live Through This

For you of the Spotify persuasion, we're also posting a widget for that site. Not all of the songs available at Playmoss were also available at Spotify, but most were. Spotify put the songs in a slightly different alphabetical arrangement, but this shouldn't cause many problems.

It's been a fun year musically, and we hope you find lots of songs you already like and some that might be new to you. As happened last year, we'll probably find some goodies we overlooked once some of our favorite music experts post their fave lists, so we'll be updating accordingly. (Truth to tell, we've already been doing that, so shhhhhh.) Please feel free to give feedback and make further suggestions of your own faves in Comments.

Happy New Year and here's to continued musical discovery.

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