Monday, January 14, 2019

Spaced-Based Powerpop Playlist

Over at the Facebook I Love Power Pop group, Adrienne Meddock of The Beef People issued a challenge: "Can you pick 5 power pop songs with a space theme for my contest over at my blog?" The answer: Why, yes, yes, we can, and then some. Since she herself came up with a list of 13, so did we. It could have been much, much longer, but this'll do for now. BTW, we realize that final song isn't really pure double p, but it's close enough and besides, it touches our tiny, alienated hearts.

Update, a few hours later: A hearty "ribbit" to one TubaFrog for the recommendation of Zolar X, now snuggled into and pushing the number of songs in the mix to 14.


TubaFrog said...

Get some Zolar X up in there!

pplist said...

Done. Ribbit. (Transl.: "Ta.")

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