Saturday, June 25, 2016


Below are our favorites by these excellent Halifax poppunkers. Now that powerpop guru David Bash has given the double-p imprimatur to The Ramones, we feel all kinds of freed up.

We also rather dig #'s 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, & 14, fwiw!!!!!

I think we found the following up in Pop Geek Heaven, so most of you have probably already seen them. This blog being what it is - or isn't - though, we're embedding them here, too, just for, you know, the historical record. They got us deeply involved in The Best Show for a good bit of the past year, much to our bemusement.

And since the voice of the caller is that of Superchunk's Jon Wurster, we feel compelled/inspired to play our favorite tune by the 'chunk. Whattasong.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jangle Till You Dangle with The Blurries

Whoa, HITW's where we saw LeRoi Brothers! Coo.

Do you enjoy these little background stories we tell? No? Coo, so just skip down to the songs.

Anyhoo, listening to a little playlist we'd put together called "Built to Pop," we were delighted by "Sunlight," a song by Janglecorers, The Blurries. After minimal searching, we found it available for free and legal action at Bandcamp. (See below.) The Dallas band were inspired by sounds wafting from other places, specifically, Hoboken, California, Liverpoo, and Athens (Ga., not Gr., WE THINK). Paper Cuts has bled for almost five years now, so you cutting edge POPPERS might not be interested.

As we entered HITW, the band were setting up. We asked Joe (or maybe Steve), 
"Could you play 'Are You With Me Baby (Say Yeah)'?" and he said, 
"Yeah, I think we could play that one." And they did!

And, of course, you should check this action:

Xmas & Baseball with Vista Blue

Every teenboy's dream.

Damned if this jaunty little number didn't (and possibly damned if it did) get us in a yuletide mood, and only six months to go!

Perhaps more seasonally apropos (in the USA) is this collection of baseball-themed poppers at the Nashville cats' Bandcamp.

Thanks to the excellent Faster and Louder for the batterup.

Black Liquid Drop Drop The Drop

Whoaaaaaa, Faultless Spray is our brand, too!!! Coo.

We love the driving, jangly psych through which these Austinites aim to keep their native city weird.

Waitress - Delay Our Time

His aim is true, but where are the wings?

Really nice gaze by these Saskatoonsmiths. The URL at their Facebook page includes the number "666," so look out.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Streamers: Arvidson & Butterflies, Cool Ghouls, Pale Lights, Tiga Lilly, Jim Younger's Spirit, Broncho, The Phantoms, Flamingo, Avers, The Lees of Memory

We very much liked or loved the following, but they couldn't "get it on" with Songdrop. That's why they're being streamed rather than 'droppily widgeted. Hope you like.

Fantastic powerpop from these Gothenburgers, courtesy of Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More Records. We also especially fancied #s 6 & 8. Thanks to Powerpopaholic for the headsup.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Riding With the Big Fish (and Walrus): Paul Hayworth, The Deathrettes, Crocodile Deathspin + The Tall King Dogs, Walrus, High Mountain Bluebirds, The Grand Illusion, My Expansive Awareness


Psychgazer's just done a couple of those monster posts of hisorhers, so we remora attach and cruise on The Big One's back. We checked out all 50 recommendations in Psychgazer .108 June Psych Playlist, and post first our favorite downloadables.

We deeply dug this former fluffer at Titanic Hotel Liverpool's oeuvre and look forward to further explorations of his bountiful riches. On Coastal Legends, we also favored #s 3, 5, 7, & 11.

Now let us travel way down south, 'round the Cape.

We keep heading east toward (we're guessing) California?

Although we've already Songdropped these below, let us draw further attention to:

Walrus - Wearing It

More from Halifax here.

High Mountain Bluebirds - Peter Fonda I Love You

Bunch more tweedly-dee at SoundCloud.

The Grand Illusion - Shake Shake

Face off with the Warrington band here.

My Expansive Awareness - Do You Wanna Be Rich?

They are from Zaragoza, the luckies.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Music of the Sphere: New Boss, Manhattan Love Suicides, Blanche Hudson Weekend, Acapulco Lips, PJ Harvey, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Desert Mountain Tribe, Golden Daze, Peach Kelli Pop, White Lodge, Dinosaur Jr., Speedy Ortiz, Brand New, Thee Oh Sees

Many thanks to these ace bloggers for providing the following. We're beyond thrilled to be reprising "Skulls," even though it accompanies a bit o' bittersweet, squirrely news. And, yes, you knew it was coming: since we're talking  TMLS & Polaroid, you will most definitely want to click here to grab the incandescent, if lo-fi, "Kessler Syndrome." We love that new one down there (Thanks, SOTO!!) by longtime faveband Dinosaur Jr.. We just checked and sure enough, our longago post still has a viable mp3 of the fantastic "Almost Ready." (Just click the songtitle to the left and you can hear/download.)

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