Sunday, November 26, 2017

Faves of the Faves - October 2017: The Galileo 7, Guided by Voices, Purple Wizard, Cotton Mather, This Blinding Light, Marble Party, Linn Koch-Emmery, Tristen, Arvidson & the Butterflies, The Black Heart Death Cult, The Brixton Riot, Black Nite Crash, The Prissteens, Acid Baby Jesus, Luminous Fins, Dream Phases, DMA's

Here are our very favorite songs dropped into our October 2017 playlist over at Playmoss. We love Playmoss but they've been undergoing adjustments that have thrown us off our game. (It don't take much, seeing as how our "game" is so very Minor League and all.)

Anyway, Playmoss no longer accepts songs from SoundCloud and balks at playing songs from Bandcamp. We're therefore posting first the Playmoss widget with the songs it would play and below that widgets for other songs Playmoss balked at playing. Clear? Sorry.

BTW, we've been corresponding with Playmoss about all of this and they've been frightfully nice in response. A couple of Mossers actually checked out some of our playlists and added some songs to their own. Now if that's not nice, what the hootie is?

Note: Name-Your-Price Download

This next one is a video (duh) but for some reason Playmoss balked at playing it.

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