Friday, March 30, 2007

Little Hits Faves - Part Sept

The Powerpopulist team (of one) is yet again delighted to have reached the week's penultimate day because it means we get to post some of our favorites from the fabulous Little Hits blog. At the risk of sounding repetitive - and we boldly accept that risk - we direct your attention to the six previous posts of Little Hits Faves, which can be accessed here, here, and here. We'd also remind you to click the artist/song titles below to take you to the appropriate Little Hits post. Once there, click the blue Artist/Song Title to ignite the mp3.

Fools Face – Won’t Make It Hard
The Pencils – Watching the Tears
Trainspotters – Hiring The Hall
The Ways and Means – Breaking Up A Dream
The Shake Shakes – You Can Run

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Corner Laughers

I know for corners, okay, and I got in these guys' - er - ladies' lickety split. I'd already bought four of the Bay Area band's creations at eMusic before getting their email yesterday and have since added more purchases and the free downloads to which they directed me . The songs are hooky, clever, and, yes, often chuckle-inducing. Thanks, Laughers, and keep up the great work! [A few minutes later. . .] Okay, Frisco, we have a problem. I’d like to post the songs in the usual way, but Blogger and are having issues. Click here to get to their GarageBand page. Click on the green arrow to listen to a song. If you like and want to download it, click on the song title to go to its download page. These are my favorites: "New Leaf," "U 2 R The 1s," and "Everybody Knows." Your mileage may vary. Enjoy!

The Corner Laughers MySpace Page

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A-Sides, Guided by Voices, dBs, Tullycraft, Baskervilles

I've got some up-to-date things to post but found these old friends while rummaging through the Powerpopulist workshop. Thanks to a certain someone for reminding me about the dBs number. Note added, Thursday, 3/29: In response to Gretchen's kind comment, I want to mention that both Baskervilles and Tullycraft offer a big bunch of mp3s at their bandsites. Just click on the band names below. At the Tullycraft site, click on the "MP3s" submenu. At the Baskervilles site, click on "MUSIC." In response to beyesn's comment, I'd mention you can also find some good extras at the Multimedia page of The dB's bandsite. I just now added a never-before released track to this post.

The A-Sides - Park Avenue mp3 (pic)
Guided by Voices - Choking Tara (Creamy Version) mp3
The dB's
World to Cry mp3
Rains Around Here mp3 - Added on 3/29
Tullycraft - Rumble with the Gang Debs mp3
Baskervilles - Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) mp3

2 X 2: The Like Young & The Safes

I've posted songs by these bands previously but just recently came across more I like. Thanks to 3hive for pointing me toward The Like Young's website. You can find more there as well at 3hive and my previous posts here and here. The Safes arrived via email from the ever-generous Fanatic Promotion. My previous post on The Safes was here.

The Like Young (pic)
You Can't Get It Back
Even If It's Getting Late
The Safes
Only in Your Mind mp3
Phonebook Full of Phonies mp3

Monday, March 26, 2007

Mason Proper, The Ponys, Fiction Like Candy, The Never

Top o' the marnin' to ya, early birds. Or afternoon or night.

Mason Proper - My My (Bad Fruit) mp3 - Thanks to Chromewaves, which has another by Mason Proper. You'll find more here and here. (pic)
The Ponys Poser Psychotic mp3 - Thanks to the mighty Pitchfork.
Fiction Like Candy - Joke mp3 - Thanks to the band for getting in touch.
The Never - The Astronaut mp3

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mellow Fellow

The unroyal we find "ourselves" inexplicably in a mood mellow today. Good tunes, but, you know, tamish. We promise not to make it a habit.

Electric Pop Group - Walk Away mp3
The Voyces - Kissing Like It’s Love mp3
Maria Taylor - A Good Start mp3
Fiel Garvie - I Didn't Say mp3 (pic)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

From the Archives

It's been a couple of months since dipping into the pplist archives, so maybe now's the time to disport among some personal favorites. Regular visitors may have seen these already, but newcomers might not have. If you like them, you might like to visit previous archival offerings here, here, and here. Clicking the band names below will often put you in touch with more songs and information about the bands.

Dressy Bessy - Side 2 mp3
The Raveonettes - That Great Love Sound mp3
Magnapop - Satellite mp3

DAYS - Simple Thing MP3
The Winnerys - Get Into My Life mp3
Annemarie - The Living Model mp3

Edmund’s Crown - Damsel mp3
The Manhattan Love Suicides - Skulls mp3 - Also here and here. . .
The Eames Era - Year of the Waitress mp3

Friday, March 23, 2007

Little Hits Faves - Part Six

Friday = Little Hits Faves Day. So here we go. Previous LHFs can be accessed here and here. Clicking the links below will take you to the Little Hits site. Once there, click on the blue Artist/Song Title to launch the mp3.

The Television Personalities – The World of Pauline Lewis (pic)
The Marshalls - AM
The Monroes – What Do All The People Know?
The Alpaca Brothers – The Lie
Shake Appeal – My Danger

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Comas

One of my favorite songs of the 35 posted in Powerpopulist's Big Bloc 4 was "New Wolf," by Chapel Hill/Brooklyn's trippy The Comas. Unfortunately it's no longer available there, but it will be elsewhere, and soon. It's one of the ten songs on their album Spells, due for release April 17. Another song from Spells is available, along with 27 others, at their bandsite. Below are some of my favorites. Your own might be awaiting you.

The Comas
The Aphid’s Eye mp3
Red Microphones mp3
Invisible Drugs mp3
The Science of Your Mind mp3
Last Transmission mp3

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Central Services, Dora Flood, Clorox Girls, Bobby Baby, Viola

I just got a nice gift of Central Services (pic) from Fanatic Promotion, I've still got some Dora Flood, some SXSW band-age, and some other goodies. What I don't have right now is an excess of time, so let's get down to bidness. (I desperately want to hyphenate that Central Services song, but will post it as packaged.)

Central Services - 4 Letter Word mp3
Dora Flood - Echoes mp3
Clorox Girls - Boys/Girls mp3
Bobby Baby - The Some Place New mp3
Viola - Since Forever Now mp3

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Around the Blogosphere

My Happymeter surged to 11 when I came across today's post at The Runout Groove. My new friend Jamie (he doesn't know me, but then neither do I) has posted eight songs from the Guided by Voices boxset Hardcore UFOs: Revelations, Epiphanies and Fast Food in the Western Hemisphere . Needless to say, GbV's b-sides would be most bands' a-sides. Jamie has tons of other great songs as well. I particularly liked "You Are the Teacher" by Kidderminster's Meg.

Speaking of GbV, check out Jared's posting of "Surgical Focus" over at 5 Acts. That same post has fine ones by The Aislers Set and Ride.

I really liked The Honeydrips' "(Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart," which you can find over at SKATTERBRAIN.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Westerberg, Slowdive, Radical Face, Lovekevins, Schooner

A bit o' the this 'n the that today. First, for fans of The Replacements, I found an excellent song by head 'Mat Paul Westerberg (pic) at the excellent Fingertips Retired Top 10 Site.

Paul Westerberg - As Far As I Know mp3

Shoegazers will find an eyepopping selection of songs at a terrific Slowdive rare and b-sides site site I found via the excellent Kingblind. (The link should work for nonshoegazers as well.) Here's a sample to get you looking floorward.

Slowdive - Slowdive mp3

Kingblind always has a wealth of information and downloads, and here's one I liked that was new to me.

Radical Face - Glory mp3

And a couple more from hither and yon.

The LovekevinsPrivate Life of a Cat mp3
Schooner - Carrboro mp3

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007

Little Hits Faves - Part Cinq

Quickened of pulse and trembling of hand, I note that it's Friday and therefore time for Little Hits Faves. Last week's Little Hits Faves is a helpful entry point to previous LHFs, but for the sake of those new to this feature, I will mention that clicking below will take you to the Little Hits page with the mp3 of the song. Once at Little Hits, click on the blue Artist Name - Song Title to launch the song. I should have said earlier that Little Hits also has some of the best writing of any blogs I visit, so multiple cranial sectors are nicely serviced.

Material Issue – Echo Beach
Material Issue – The Girl Who Never Ever Falls in Love
The Gigolo Aunts – Weird Sister
The Flamin’ Groovies – Way Over My Head
The Stepford Husbands – Seeing is Believing

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scandinaviana: Moonbabies, Black Belt, Samuraj Cities, 1999, You Are My Everything, Reverend Big O

Parasol's Jim Kelly comes through again, and excited I am to find all these apt Nordic candidates for The Soundtrack of My Life. Jim also sends us off for an update at Go, Jukebox!, the superb Swedish label whose free download offerings I celebrated in an earlier post. I'm reposting the two by You Are My Everything, plus more by them and another by Reverend Big O. Sure, RBO's name turns me off on multiple levels, but their music only accelerates ascent.

Moonbabies - Weekend A-Go-Go wma
Black Belt - Hold On wma
Samuraj Cities
Hard Rain wma
So Sorry, So Sorry, So Sorry wma
Legends wma
Hated People wma

From Go Jukebox!

You Are My Everything
Can You Feel What It Takes mp3
A Heart is Still a Heart mp3
Open Space mp3
Factory of New Consent mp3
I Was a Punk mp3
Reverend Big O - Tonight mp3

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

SXSW 2007: Let The Music Begin!

Yessss, the big day has finally arrived. We celebrate with a triple handful, mostly of groups not yet posted here. (There are a couple of exceptions.) I'll put them in groups of five just to make it seem less daunting. Links are provided for each band. If the mp3 link doesn't work, clink on the band name to go to the SXSW bandsite, where the song should be downloadable. These SXSW links have been finicky at times. Previous SXSW 2007 postings can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Alamo Race TrackDon’t Beat This mp3
Cities - Capitol mp3
Erase ErrataTax Dollar mp3
The Faintest IdeasYou’re Beautiful mp3
Fair to MidlandA Seafarer’s Knot (Live) mp3

Foreign IslandsWe Know You Want It mp3
GoldrushWe Will Not Be Machines mp3
The Great Spy ExperimentClass ‘A’ Love Affair mp3
HoneydogsRattling My Tin Cup mp3
Mammút - Midnaeturmetall mp3

MeleeBuilt to Last mp3
Mother MotherTouch Up mp3
ProsserSummer Song 3 mp3
Raising the Fawn - Gwendolyn mp3
The Redwalls - Memories mp3

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Latest Easter for Early Easter Present

Or something. Anyway, Mitch Easter is God, so why not? And Dynamico was on AllMusic's list of most noteworthy new releases for the current week, nestling fresh in my emailbox this very day. I'm delighted to have found "Time Warping" at Easter's website and am going ahead and reposting another by Easter, plus a song by Shalini, the band fronted by Easter's wife, Shalini Chatterjee. (Easter plays guitars and adds vocals, while Eric Marshall plays drums.) And in case I forget to say it at the appropriate time, Happy Easter.

Mitch Easter - Dynamico
Shalini - We Want Jelly Donuts
Get Free mp3

Monday, March 12, 2007

Very Fresh: Klee, The Living Blue, Light FM

Here are three I recently found and enjoyed at the excellent Minty Fresh Records site. Go there and you'll likely find more to like. The zip files require a couple of extra seconds of patience.

Klee Gold (English Version) zip
The Living Blue Tell Me Leza zip
Light FM Never Gonna Get Up zip

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Saturday's: Let's Go Sailing, Bikeride, Sammies, Acute

Okay, it's back with the sickness thing, so I'll post these recent finds, hope you like them, take aspirin, drink plenty of liquids, etc. Pictured are portions of LA's Let's Go Sailing.

Let's Go Sailing - Icicles mp3
Bikeride - Hideaways mp3
The Sammies - Caretaker mp3
Acute - Follow You Home mp3

Friday, March 09, 2007

Little Hits Faves - Part Quatre

Apos for no post yesterday. Illness knocked me not so much flat as into a fetal position. Oh, sure, great memories of early days, but I couldn't enjoy them fully for the aches and pains. But enough of that. It's Friday and time for more favorites from the fabulous blog, Little Hits. In case you're new here, you can click on the following Little Hits Faves posts for 15 more songs: Part Premier, Part Deux, Part Trois. And if you're new, I usually post mp3s and such but with Little Hits, I send you to the appropriate post there and you can click on the blue Artist/Song Title to hear the song.

The Bats (US) - Popgun
The Journey Men – She’s Sorry
The Pastels – Nothing To be Done
The Feelies – Dancing Barefoot
The Three O’Clock – All in Good Time

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I happen to know and will not tell how a certain someone very much liked the song I posted Monday by The Faintest Ideas. It made me wonder if that and other someones might enjoy songs by the band's earlier incarnation as Javelins. (They changed their name in the spring of '05 to avoid being confused with other similarly-monikered bands.) I have found that such nimblequick response to revealed visitor preferences is, in the feral world of blogging, the way we get by. As is so often the case these days, Javelins/TFI come to us by way of Gothenburg, Sweden. By the way, the certain someone's moniker is found in this post.

When I Was 7 mp3
I Was Raised as a Polar Bear mp3
Dexter's got a sinister heart mp3

The Arcade Fire Preach It

And what might be your favorite chapter and/or verse in the Neon Bible? While you ponder, let us celebrate today's release of The Arcade Fire's sophomore full-length with a pair of hymns. Too facile? Nnnno.

The Arcade Fire
Neon Bible - Black Mirror mp3
Funeral - Rebellion (Lies) mp3

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dora Flood: Soakin' In It

Oh. . .my. . .Godot but I’ve been waiting for this bit o’ balm for quite a spell now. That vast throng of earhungries who sup at merz’s ample board are quite aware of the master’s particular fetish, and it ain’t for hats. No, it’s quite antipodean to that, and long are the playlists I’ve compiled of footwear-focused tuneage from his generous blog.

Okay, sorry, this is hazy, but I’m just emerging from the full immersion experience of Frisco gazer/dreampoppers Dora Flood, recently highlighted at Mars Needs Guitars. After offering two superdupers, merz casually mentions that the band has posted its entire back catalogue over at their website. Warning: do not go unless you have, like, several hours or, alternatively, a strong and quick right-click finger. If you go, I’m pretty sure you won’t be sorry. I wasn't. Did I sample all 50 songs there? Yes. Did I like every single song? Yes. But, as is my wont at this little cosa mia I call “Powerpopulist,” I have posted the ones most pleasant to our particular aural palate. If you, as I, also favor the chaussure-sighting, the psychedelic, or the just generally heavy/floaty musical bubblebathy, you will find more than enough there to soak till you shrivel, float till you flop, and mainly just smile really, really big outside and in. Do I exaggerate? Nnnno.

Dora Flood
Gridlock mp3
Down Again mp3
Go in Tonight mp3
Las Vegas mp3
Anvil Ill mp3

Monday, March 05, 2007

Three Imaginary Girls Might Have The Cure For The Blues

Here's some tempting news from Three Imaginary Girls, and since I'm reasonably close, I'm quite inclined to go. They even threw in some free mp3s I'm passing along to you, so maybe we're all happy. Here's part of their email message.

Three Imaginary Girls is pleased as punch to announce our first-ever showcase at SXSW in Austin, Texas, with co-sponsors Magic Marker Records, Music Nation, and KOOP 91.7FM. The event will take place at Lovejoy's in downtown Austin on Thursday, March 15, 2007, from 12-6p. The show is free to the public, with free beer (while supplies last), and delightful live music from an international line-up of pop superstar bands:
12p: The Zebras (Brisbane, Australia)
1p: The Manhattan Love Suicides (Leeds, UK)
2p: BOAT (Seattle, WA)
3p: Tullycraft (Seattle, WA)
4p: The Faintest Ideas (Gothenburg, Sweden)
5p: Palomar (Brooklyn, NY)

And here are some of the tunes. We're having a bit of linking trouble, so please be patient. I'm leaving out some of the band links so the songs will work.

The ZebrasYou Look Ready mp3 - See microlips for more good stripey sounds.

The Manhattan Love Suicides Suzy Jones mp3

BOAT - The Bar Is Too Low To Fail mp3

The Faintest Ideas - Nosebleeders on the Track mp3

Tullycraft - Popsongs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid to Know About mp3

And now for the moral conundrum: Am I being used? I hope so.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Miscellany

Intimations were early given here of my love of The Posies, so I was happy to find at Coast Is Clear the link to a Jon Auer song I've enjoyed for some time now. Peter has two more nice ones at CIC, for which, thanks. Estonians Pia Fraus have several more pleasing downloads here, as do Delawareans The Wrens here. Since some of you might not have appreciated the dark "humor" in my earlier posting of Black Lips, I'll forgo the temptation to reprise that font. Like "Not a Problem," this is another cool garagy thang.

Jon Auer - Tears mp3
Pia Fraus - Condemnation mp3
The Wrens - Built in Girls mp3
Black Lips - Stranger mp3

Saturday, March 03, 2007


I suppose in Spanish-speaking countries today is literally the Sabbath. (¡Sabado!) Let's celebrate, shall we?

The Kings - It's Up to You mp3
Ruetschle - Can You Remember? mp3
The Sterling Loons - Wilting in the Sun mp3 - Thanks to Seattle Powerpop for the headsup.
No Use For A Name - Life Size Mirror - Direct link no longer works. Clicking song title takes you to site where you can hear/download the song. Just scroll down until you find No Use For a Name.
Black Sabbath - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath mp3 - New to me; kind of like 'em; not really powerpop, as such

Friday, March 02, 2007

Little Hits Faves - Part Trois

Yes, it's that time of the week when we get small and feel big. It's all explained here. The second episode is here. Just remember, click on the links below and when you get to Little Hits, click on the blue artist name/song title to launch the mp3. It's not just music, it's an adventure.
Cotton Mather – My Before and After
The Vandalias – The End of the World
Skooshny – Crossing Double Lines
The Walkabouts – Goodbye to All That
Cherry Twister – Blue Summer

SXSW 2007, cont'd: Alternative Champs, Dirty Skirts, Hedrons, Melismatics, Oxford Collapse

Oh, yeh, I've still got some SXSW bands yet to post. I just don't know how you're taking to the whole SXSW gig I've been doing and don't want to overdo it. I remember liking Capetown's The Dirty Skirts (pic) and pointed visitors toward the excellent The Muso because I didn't have a link. Now I do, so voila. The Hedrons are not covering AC/DC here, but that's okay, they're sufficiently hot. As for Oxford Collapse, I don't often go for the amusical hyperscreech so beloved of many indie bloggers, not to mention the overlong intro, but the rootsy guitar riffs pull this one back from the edge. Well, santa caca, look at me just opining away like I'm a real blogger or something. Ya basta.

Alternative ChampsMonkey Boy mp3
The Dirty SkirtsFeeling the Pressure mp3
The HedronsHeatseeker mp3
The MelismaticsIndustry of Cool mp3
Oxford CollapsePlease Visit Your National Parks mp3
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