Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nishwasher Comes Clean

In full we quote
The emailed note:
This is a 3 song indie rock/power pop EP from new band Nishwasher. If you enjoy what you hear, don't hesitate to post it up. Thanks, Nishwasher

And you know what, we like that approach. Let the music do the talking. Yes, we like that very much. If you don't, a Google search revealed Eardrums was privy to a bit more information, so if you want it, click here. We're not sure why Knut calls the band "Nish" but we're not much worrying about it either.

We've already said way too much, so to our favorite song from the EP, the excellent "This Culture." Go to Bandcamp for more free downloadables and in the process, get your nish all cleaned up. Ours is squeaky.

Update: Beginning . . . some time, the artist(s) formerly known as "Nishwasher" became "Nick Next Door." That is all.

Friday, August 05, 2011

The Fantasies Come to Life (Again)

This Northampton band continues to be as elusive as most of our fantasies but they also continue to fulfill our musical ones quite splendidly. It took a while, but we just read a very nice email from the band. The missive contained the precious Bandcamp link to their just-released Earth Life EP, along with a note saying (and we quote in full), "thanks for writing about us before." "before," of course, refers to this post, which features what is turning out to be one of our very favorite of the thousand+ songs we've acquired so far this year, the fantastic "Tick Tock." What the heck, here it is.

Click to listen & download: The Fantasies - Tick Tock mp3

We're also posting below two tunes we "dig" from the new EP. You can easily get the third (plus some previous singles) by clicking the Bandcamp link. We could tell you all kinds of stuff about the songs, but why bother when your own ears can do that so much more eloquently than we ever could do. We readily and humbly admit, though, that the Master of Bubblegumiana, MrQwerty over at Power Pop Review, could quite possibly give even your ears a run for their money. Simply comparing his review of the Warm Fuzzies with ours will show you what we mean. We've no doubt which one you'd chews. Dude knows his 'Gum. We've kind of digressed, but not really.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Music of the Sphere: Jags, Shins, Nushu, Blanche HW, R&L Thompson, See See, Really 3rds, Bats, Moderns, Mazes, E Smith, Raveonettes, et. al. . . .

We get a little giddy thinking about the great tuneage you're about to hear. Many thanks to the incredible bloggers who hosted and posted. Click below to go.

Nushu - Precious To Me - Peter's Power Pop

The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Union Square Blackout & Let Me Go - The Finest Kiss
- former members of The Manhattan Love Suicides

Telekinesis - On A Plain (Nirvana cover) - Rollo & Grady

Richard & Linda Thompson - Wall Of Death - Star Maker Machine
Joseph Arthur - Chemical - Star Maker Machine

Cream - Dance The Night Away - Art Decade
Jefferson Airplane - She Has Funny Cars - Art Decade

The Shins - Caring is Creepy - Indie Rock Cafe
Elliott Smith - Miss Misery - Indie Rock Cafe
The Raveonettes - Dead Sound - Indie Rock Cafe

Much to our chagrin, we realized we hadn't visited the following superb blog in a long, long time. Much to our grin, we finally did.

The Really 3rds - Everyday, Everyway & Daptapper - Killed By Death Records
The Producers - Goin' Steady - Killed By Death Records
The Jags - Back Of My Hand - Killed By Death Records - 7" version differs from LP version (we love both versions of this long-time fave); post also includes "Single Vision"!
The Bats - Popgun - Killed By Death Records - Yankee Bats, not Kiwi

The Citizens - TV Woman - Killed By Death Records
The Cold - Wake Up - Killed By Death Records
Slugs - Problem Child - Killed By Death Records - punky
Long Port Buzz - Who Is He? - Killed By Death Records
The Moderns - The Year Of Today & Got To Have Pop & Say Yes - Killed By Death Records - plus one more

And ooh-la-la, the riches we found at this incredible French blog!

The See See - Keep Your Head - Requiem Pour Un Twister
Mazes - Summer Hits Or J Plus J Don't Like - Requiem Pour Un Twister
Wheels on Fire - Go Give Your Love Away - Requiem Pour Un Twister
Crystal Stilts - Half a Moon - Requiem Pour Un Twister
Twerps - She Didn't Know - Requiem Pour Un Twister
The Vaccines - Norgaard - Requiem Pour Un Twister

Baby Shakes - Far Away - Requiem Pour Un Twister
Brave Irene - Hit the Grass Running - Requiem Pour Un Twister
White Fence - A Pearl is Not a Diamond - Requiem Pour Un Twister
The Sadies - Violet and Jeffrey Lee - Requiem Pour Un Twister
The Sugar Stems - I Don't Want to Be Around You - Requiem Pour Un Twister
The Fresh & Onlys - Fascinated - Requiem Pour Un Twister
The Jameses - Caribou - Requiem Pour Un Twister - Sure, we sent you to it before, but it's more than worth reposting, in case you missed it.
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