Thursday, August 18, 2011

Nishwasher Comes Clean

In full we quote
The emailed note:
This is a 3 song indie rock/power pop EP from new band Nishwasher. If you enjoy what you hear, don't hesitate to post it up. Thanks, Nishwasher

And you know what, we like that approach. Let the music do the talking. Yes, we like that very much. If you don't, a Google search revealed Eardrums was privy to a bit more information, so if you want it, click here. We're not sure why Knut calls the band "Nish" but we're not much worrying about it either.

We've already said way too much, so to our favorite song from the EP, the excellent "This Culture." Go to Bandcamp for more free downloadables and in the process, get your nish all cleaned up. Ours is squeaky.

Update: Beginning . . . some time, the artist(s) formerly known as "Nishwasher" became "Nick Next Door." That is all.

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