Monday, August 28, 2017

Out-of-this-World New One from Ephrata

Many thanks to Austin Town Hall for the headsup on this endeeringly/ironically uplifting new song "Tanguska" from Seattle band Ephrata's forthcoming (22sept17), self-titled LP.  The song seems to deal in some way with the fifteen-megaton explosion of an asteroid out in Siberia back in 1908, but we haven't completely deciphered the lyrics. "Scream and cry" and "Run for your lives" figure prominently, although it was 2000 sq km of trees that took most of the hit, and, really, what could they do??? (Okay, scream, sure, but not, you know, run.) Read about "the event" here.

A bit of digging revealed the song to be available for free download, so if you like it, click here and then "More." A bit more digging revealed Ephrata's entire discography to be available for name-your-price download at Bandcamp. Only a tiny bit of listening confirmed we love what this band is up to and are therefore posting a few of our favorites below.

As sometimes happens with music, we thought of a couple more songs based on our nonanalysis of "Tunguska." The first one we already hinted at, and what's more, that band is also from WA state (USA), albeit from Ellensburg. The second band's from Melbourne, Oz.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Marvelous Mark Gets Us Buzzin'

The fornicating flies don't necessarily turn us on, but the music certainly does. As in 14-for-14, i.e., every primo popper on Marvelous Mark's recently released LP, Buzzin'. (See/hear below.)

We've raved about this Terrific Torontan before and just noticed the free and legals we previously posted are still available here and there. We're posting our very most favorites from the new one below, but all of the fab fourteen are earable in each widget.

BTW, don't tell Mark that a couple of songs on Buzzin' are still available for free download (see our previous post for "Paralyzed" and "Bite Me"). Based on a recent Facebook post, though, he doesn't seem like one to pick nits: "NEW LPS ARE IN, HIT ME UP OR ORDER FROM Drunken Sailor Records IF YOU WANT ONE SUPPORT INDIE ARTISTS OR WHATEVER I HONESTLY DON'T CARE CAUSE THERE'S NO MONEY IN THIS SHIT ANYWAY . . . " 

Now that's takin' care of buzzin'ess.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Jim Mitchells & Friends

We just now discovered Sydney band The Jim Mitchells over at Little Indie Blogs, did a little more digging, found three free and legal downloadables at triple j unearthed, and want to post them before shutting down for some shuteye.

You can read more about them at triple j unearthed and Facebook, but we wanted to mention that after already being hooked, we noticed they cite as influences The Beatles, Ty Segall, White Fence, and the band formerly known as Thee Oh Sees (now simply yclept Oh Sees). So in addition to great sounds, they've got great taste.

First up is their recently released single, "Ankle Deep," the one we found at LIB.

Next we have two songs from their 2016 EP, Planet Absorbed. (Hear the whole EP, plus much more at SoundCloud.)

Here's the highly entertaining video of "Ankle Deep," our first introduction to the band.

Now, what about their friends (or perhaps should we say, "influences?")? Although you'll have to pay for it (which we gladly did), here's our favorite from Ty Segall's new EP, Fried Shallots, followed by the whole caboodle, available at Bandcamp.

You've maybe heard of British band, "The Beatles?" They're new to us, but we've been learning a ton about them via the superb podcasts by Robert Rodriguez and Richard Buskin over at Something About The Beatles

For Oh Sees, we send you to perhaps their most devoted fan in this particular universe, M. Thibault over at Still in Rock.

And finally, there's no way we're mentioning White Fence without posting our favorite song by one of our very favorite bands of the last several years.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Fave Flaves from Ice Cream Man's Latest Compilation (Phase 4***): The Stanleys, The Rizzos, The Mad Doctors, The Reign, Monkey Union, Kerosene Stars, Count Jaye & The Hard Beats, Ratty And The Watchers, Gretchen's Wheel, Arvidson & Butterflies

So now we've reached the fourth and final installment of our very favorite songs from Rocking Road, the fab 126-song compilation by Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More's Wayne Lundquist Ford. We hope you've enjoyed the series and, more importantly, the songs themselves, so generously provided by Mr. Ford and the talented artists. As in previous posts, we first post the entire compilation and then our favorites.











###in which the two oat factions make peace with one another and attempt to roll and stab Doris with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Fave Flaves from Ice Cream Man's Latest Compilation (Phase 3***): The Duke Of Surl, The Martial Arts, The Strawberry Mynde, Vista Blue, The Brighton Arms, The Sitting Tenants, Andrew Taylor, Marauders, The Somersault Boy, The Hounds

Here is our third installment of favorite flavors from Rocking Road, the superb 126-song compilation by Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More's head creamer, Wayne Lundquist Ford. Many thanks to Wayne and the talented artists for making these songs available for free and legal download. As in our previous posts, we begin with the entire comp and then delineate the next batch of favorites.


#98 - 









***in which Doris foments civil war between the rolled oats and the steel-cut oats and things get a lit-tle nasty.
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