Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Jim Mitchells & Friends

We just now discovered Sydney band The Jim Mitchells over at Little Indie Blogs, did a little more digging, found three free and legal downloadables at triple j unearthed, and want to post them before shutting down for some shuteye.

You can read more about them at triple j unearthed and Facebook, but we wanted to mention that after already being hooked, we noticed they cite as influences The Beatles, Ty Segall, White Fence, and the band formerly known as Thee Oh Sees (now simply yclept Oh Sees). So in addition to great sounds, they've got great taste.

First up is their recently released single, "Ankle Deep," the one we found at LIB.

Next we have two songs from their 2016 EP, Planet Absorbed. (Hear the whole EP, plus much more at SoundCloud.)

Here's the highly entertaining video of "Ankle Deep," our first introduction to the band.

Now, what about their friends (or perhaps should we say, "influences?")? Although you'll have to pay for it (which we gladly did), here's our favorite from Ty Segall's new EP, Fried Shallots, followed by the whole caboodle, available at Bandcamp.

You've maybe heard of British band, "The Beatles?" They're new to us, but we've been learning a ton about them via the superb podcasts by Robert Rodriguez and Richard Buskin over at Something About The Beatles

For Oh Sees, we send you to perhaps their most devoted fan in this particular universe, M. Thibault over at Still in Rock.

And finally, there's no way we're mentioning White Fence without posting our favorite song by one of our very favorite bands of the last several years.


johnnybgoode said...

cheers pplist! Thanks for continuing to highlight free and legal downloadables on your site.

pplist said...

My pleasure, Mr. Goode. Thanking you for thanking me.

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