Monday, August 28, 2017

Out-of-this-World New One from Ephrata

Many thanks to Austin Town Hall for the headsup on this endeeringly/ironically uplifting new song "Tanguska" from Seattle band Ephrata's forthcoming (22sept17), self-titled LP.  The song seems to deal in some way with the fifteen-megaton explosion of an asteroid out in Siberia back in 1908, but we haven't completely deciphered the lyrics. "Scream and cry" and "Run for your lives" figure prominently, although it was 2000 sq km of trees that took most of the hit, and, really, what could they do??? (Okay, scream, sure, but not, you know, run.) Read about "the event" here.

A bit of digging revealed the song to be available for free download, so if you like it, click here and then "More." A bit more digging revealed Ephrata's entire discography to be available for name-your-price download at Bandcamp. Only a tiny bit of listening confirmed we love what this band is up to and are therefore posting a few of our favorites below.

As sometimes happens with music, we thought of a couple more songs based on our nonanalysis of "Tunguska." The first one we already hinted at, and what's more, that band is also from WA state (USA), albeit from Ellensburg. The second band's from Melbourne, Oz.

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