Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Marvelous Mark Gets Us Buzzin'

The fornicating flies don't necessarily turn us on, but the music certainly does. As in 14-for-14, i.e., every primo popper on Marvelous Mark's recently released LP, Buzzin'. (See/hear below.)

We've raved about this Terrific Torontan before and just noticed the free and legals we previously posted are still available here and there. We're posting our very most favorites from the new one below, but all of the fab fourteen are earable in each widget.

BTW, don't tell Mark that a couple of songs on Buzzin' are still available for free download (see our previous post for "Paralyzed" and "Bite Me"). Based on a recent Facebook post, though, he doesn't seem like one to pick nits: "NEW LPS ARE IN, HIT ME UP OR ORDER FROM Drunken Sailor Records IF YOU WANT ONE SUPPORT INDIE ARTISTS OR WHATEVER I HONESTLY DON'T CARE CAUSE THERE'S NO MONEY IN THIS SHIT ANYWAY . . . " 

Now that's takin' care of buzzin'ess.


johnnybgoode said...

this guy has to win first prize in "Best Music with Worst Cover Art." Thanks for turning me on, mr P

pplist said...

Yeah, and what's weird is I passed on the blue "lipstick pic the last time I posted Mr. Fosco but found I liked it best for this post. I love his music, though, and, actually, kind of dig his g-a-s attitude.

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