Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summertime Treats from Vegas With Randolph

Just as we/you/'re starting to melt or chill (down under) , primo Alexandria, Virginia poppers Vegas With Randolph send some summer (or winter) sweetness y/our way. Take a listen and download below if you like.

For very good measure, we're including two pleasers from last year's excellent 18-song LP, Above The Blue, available for $5 this week only at Bandcamp and here, here, and here any time. You can also get their self-titled debut for $5 this week at Bandcamp.

Vegas With Randolph - Some Time To Live mp3

Vegas With Randolph - Summertime mp3

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Music of the Sphere: Cotton Mather, The Hollies, Dusted

Yeh, we usually wait till we've built up a bigger cache, but we don't know when that Cotton Mather song will be . . . gone. And since we've got these other two excelentes in the cache, why not they, too? As always, many thanks to the generous bloggers.

Cotton Mather - I'll Be Gone - Side One Track One

The Hollies - Look Through Any Window - Peter's Power Pop - We like that Michael Carpenter/Rob Smith cover, too.

Dusted - Into The Atmosphere - Stereopills

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