Friday, July 27, 2018

Favorite Flavors from Ice Cream Man's Summer 2018 Compilation (Installment 1): Mark And The Clouds, Andy Klingensmith, Michael Slawter, Nick Piunti, The SD5, The Turnback, Dropkick, Stephen's Ruin, Propeller, Roger Arvidson, The Box Dwellers, Glenn Robinson

The inimitable Wayne Lundquist Ford, aka "Ice Cream Man," has done it again. For the fourth summer in a row, the tireless Cool One has put together a stellar compilation of powerpop, indiepop, janglepop, rockpop, and otherpop songs and made them available for free download at Bandcamp. We've been eagerly anticipating Songs We Learnt At Sundae School for months now and got right to sampling all 160+ as soon as we found them posted tonight. We're posting widgets of the entire compilation, plus our very favorite songs in two installments.

If you want to download the entire comp, click "Download" in the first widget below. To download any of our faves, clicking the song title will take you to its download page. To go to the Bandcamp page of the entire compilation, click here.

We would again like to thank Wayne for his effort, expertise, and generosity in making these excellent songs available. Thanks, too, to the artists who participated in the project. Be sure to check out Wayne's Ice Cream Man blog and give ear to podcasts of his excellent weekly radio show. You can check out our posts of the previous Ice Cream Man compilations here, here, here, and here.

Update, 1aug18: Free downloading of the entire compilation is now available courtesy of Futureman Records. (<==Clicky clicky.) If you click on the individual song titles below, the page you go to will show a fee until 8aug18. Many thanks to Futureman Records for stepping in to maintain free downloads.

Pause here to prevent brain freeze. Resume when ready.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Faves of the Faves - June 2018: The Action, Talkies, EUT, Burning House, Shy Boys, Elsa Lester, The Smittens, Mikey Collins, Mozes and the Firstborn, J.F.K, ORB, Drawing Boards, Doug Tuttle, Tony Molina, Tape Waves

Behold and behear our favorite musical discoveries of the month indicated in the postititle.  Playmoss chose not to include artist names for several songs, so here they are:

#4 - Burning House - Peach
#7 - Send Medicine - Corduroy
#10 - J.F.K - Feel It Again
#13 - Doug Tuttle - Twilight

Friday, July 13, 2018

Let Your Free Flag Fly: Monster Summer of '18 Extravagonzo of Psych

Monster, yes, but don't let that scare you. As we don't quite know what the future of this blog will be, we decided to go through our backlog of "songs in waiting" and offer up a bunch of our favorite psych songs for free and legal download. If this goes as planned, we might well do the same with some powerpop, indiepop, janglepop, etc., in the near future.

This post is built for speed (of posting), so we're eschewing extraneous comment (Hey, pp, all your "comment" is extraneous, so who're you trying to kid??? <== Hurtful, maan/womaan, hurtful.) and getting right to the business at hand. If you like a song and want to download it, clicking its title should take you to its Bandcamp download page. Further clicking at Bandcamp can usually take you to the home LP or EP from which the song comes, with more songs, Facebook and bandpage links, etc. available. We hope you'll find some songs to like, love, and own.

These finds come from many sources, but we'd especially like to pay tribute to Psychgazer for numerous clue-ins. You rock, maan/womaan!

BTW, the songs are in reverse chronological order, beginning with our most recent finds and stretching back to approximately May 2017. Actually, this isn't all the psych we've found, so we might do another monster psych thing someday.

Take a breather, maan/womaan; you've earned it.

Name Your Price download for this & the next three songs at Compilation page

Puff, puff, puff. Tired yet?

Only 27 (or so) more to go.

Name Your Price download at the LP page

Name Your Price download at the LP page

Home stretch, bae.

The Final Putsch!

Name Your Price download at the Single page

Sunday, July 08, 2018

New Soft One From FUR + A Fave from 2017

The Brighton lads' retroish "If You Know That I'm Lonely" was one of our very favorite songs of  November/December 2017, indeed for all of last year, and now they have a new one. Tracking down "What Would I Do?" led us to their SoundCloud vault, where we found that "Lonely" plus several earlier tunes are available for free download. Explore below, see what you think, and take it from there.

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