Sunday, December 29, 2013

Powerpunkerpop from Phono Select: Exploding Hearts, Cute Lepers, David Quinton, Odd Numbers, De Cylinders, Little Murders

Better late than too early, that's what we say. The 70s-00s punkerpoppers below have been sitting there for three years now, but we just found them, thanks to "Sacto's Best Indie Record Shop!" (We quote because we aren't on-the-spot familiar with the competition.) We almost wet ourselves with pleasure to find that first number down there, and the other 20 at SoundCloud don't slouch. ("No, not at all.") We're adding a few more faves and leave it to you to follow your own timetable.

Download here.

Download here.

Download here.

Download here.

Download here.

Download here.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

We Bow Before Afterpartees

Before, after, and especially during, we're pleasingly pumped by this band of Limburgers. In addition to the two below, you can download their Demo and an Xmas ditty at Bandcamp, all on a name-your-price basis.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Music of the Sphere: Grateful Dead, Blind Shake, Wild Honey, Cosmonaut On Vacation, Cruiserweight, STRNGRS, Echo Friendly, Mikal Cronin, Crocodiles, Hunx & His Punks, Debt, Joanna Gruesome, Bass Drum Of Death, Boogarins, Tuff Love, Theo Verney, Ghost Wave, Pink Mexico, FIDLAR, Beaches, King Khan & The Shrines

Mmmmm, what a year.

The big story this session is Rollo & Grady's excellent Best of 2013 songlist. Thanks, Rollo. You, too, Grady. Of course some of our other faveblogs haven't been shabs themselves. Thanks, fbs.

The Grateful Dead - Mindbender - The Rising Storm

The Blind Shake - Garbage on Glue - Gimme Tinnitus - heavyish

Wild Honey - The Echo - Rollo & Grady
Cosmonaut On Vacation - Dirty World - Rollo & Grady

Cruiserweight - Balboa - Austin Town Hall
STRNGRS - Outta My Mind - Austin Town Hall
The Echo Friendly - Nightmares (Jay Reatard cover) - Austin Town Hall

From R&G's Top 100:
Mikal Cronin - See It My Way - Rollo & Grady - #63
Crocodiles - Cockroach - Rollo & Grady - #57
Hunx & His Punks - You Think You're Tough - Rollo & Grady - #100
Debt - Nothing Forever - Rollo & Grady - #96

Joanna Gruesome - Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers - Rollo & Grady - #91
Bass Drum Of Death - I Wanna Be Forgotten - Rollo & Grady - #87
Boogarins - Lucifernandis - Rollo & Grady - #7
Tuff Love - Sweet Discontent - Rollo & Grady - #13

Theo Verney - Blood Let - Rollo & Grady - #59
Ghost Wave - Here She Comes - Rollo & Grady - #60
Pink Mexico - Hussy Woofer - Rollo & Grady - #82
FIDLAR - Blackout Stout - Rollo & Grady - #51
Beaches - Send Them Away - Rollo & Grady - #34
King Khan & The Shrines - Born To Die - Rollo & Grady - #12

Monday, December 16, 2013

Black Twig Make Pastel Blue

Hailing most recently from Helsinki, these four fine Finns know how to bring the jangle . . .and much more. "Pastel Blue" is the first release from their second LP, Heliogram, due out on Soliti in February 2014. Another freely downloadable number is available at their page.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Lovin' More of Loveless

We love the title cut of this Coshocton, OH native's EP, released last month on Bloodshot Records. That driving bass, relentless strumpicking, and passionate voice plunk our twanger in ways it ain't been plunked in a coon's age. We'll spare you details and let your twanger decide for its ownself.  BTW, that pitcher up yonder's from her 2011 Bloodshot release. Its title is clearly visible.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Pink Mexico Makes Music, Man

We kind of had to piece this together, so please bear with us. Apparently sometime after his stint as The Music Man, Robert Preston added an extra last name and formed a band called "Pink Mexico." (Something seems to have happened to his eyeballs, but we're not going there.) PM are about to release Pnik Mxeico via Fleeting Youth Records on December 17. Fleeting Youth had, via email, expressed appreciation for our appreciation of their Basketball Shorts and, we're presuming, decided we might like Pink Mexico, which we do. Therefore:

Download here.

Download here.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Mighty Mites

We've been intending to post this boyfriend/girlfriend/friendfriend San Antonio band for some time now and are grateful friendfriend Raul Vela IV kicked our aspirations into gear by notifying us of a new single and forthcoming LP. The latter is due out early next year, while the former, "Washaway," is posted below. We're also including a couple of our favorites from their previous Spur of the Summer EP, although truth be told, we love all five songs, earable and downloadable below.

Update: Well, okay, this happens sometimes, and it seems to have happened this one. The Mites appear to have deep-sixed their Bandcamp page, so, like, sorry. We generally try to post songs you can download free and legal like, so hopefully you got them when they were available a couple of weeks ago. We'll go ahead and embed the Soundcloud widgets to the songs we previously posted even though we are just a mite ticked off. (Oooooh, pp, you one bad mofodoggie, woof.)

Update #2-6jan14-Happy to get an email today saying their Bandcamp pages are back!

Incidentally, it's been kinda fun down through the months speculating as to which kind(s) of "mites" they're fronting.

And what the heck, we're loving the video of the above-widgeted "Marjorie's Injury" as well.

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