Tuesday, December 03, 2013

The Mighty Mites

We've been intending to post this boyfriend/girlfriend/friendfriend San Antonio band for some time now and are grateful friendfriend Raul Vela IV kicked our aspirations into gear by notifying us of a new single and forthcoming LP. The latter is due out early next year, while the former, "Washaway," is posted below. We're also including a couple of our favorites from their previous Spur of the Summer EP, although truth be told, we love all five songs, earable and downloadable below.

Update: Well, okay, this happens sometimes, and it seems to have happened this one. The Mites appear to have deep-sixed their Bandcamp page, so, like, sorry. We generally try to post songs you can download free and legal like, so hopefully you got them when they were available a couple of weeks ago. We'll go ahead and embed the Soundcloud widgets to the songs we previously posted even though we are just a mite ticked off. (Oooooh, pp, you one bad mofodoggie, woof.)

Update #2-6jan14-Happy to get an email today saying their Bandcamp pages are back!

Incidentally, it's been kinda fun down through the months speculating as to which kind(s) of "mites" they're fronting.

And what the heck, we're loving the video of the above-widgeted "Marjorie's Injury" as well.

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