Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mellow Miscellany: Hidden Pictures, Rite Flyers, Freelove Fenner, Citradels, Honeymoon, Broken Fires

We're in kind of a mood mellow on this last day of May. Hope that's okay.

Thanks to friend and Bandcamp followee Miyuki for the headsup on the latest from this Oakland band we've enjoyed for years. And here are some n-y-pers from a previous HP LP.

That riff at 00.05 in Song #3 kind of reminds us of the recurring riff in KISS's "Comin' Home," you? Okay, right, discipline, pp, stay focussssed. Well, can we just mention we also really like #9??? Whatever.

Gotta thank Jennifer LeDuc for the SOTO headsup on this Austin band. Song has kind of an, I don't know, XTC feel to it, yes? . . . Um, focus, pp?

Found this at It's a Jangle Out There, for which, many thanks. N-Y-P download here.

Read a most interesting interview of the Melbourne band at The Active Listener.

We also love #2 on this Brooklyn band's EP.

Yessss, we pick up the pace just a jot for this post's Swansea song.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

rECENT fINDS: Puma Pumku, Dolores, Scupper, DEAFCULT, The Sun Machine, Undone

We've been enjoying these and wondered if you might, too. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Faves from The Active Listener Sampler 32: The Hanging Stars, Mystery Flavors, Wesley Fuller, The Noble Krell, Tangerine Love Puppies, High Mountain Bluebirds

Mr. Nathan Ford has recently posted one of the best ever samplers fronted by the indispensable blog/label, The Active Listener. Here are our favorites, tendered with many thanks to Mr. Ford and TAL. We strongly suggest you click here and check out the rest.

B-b-b-b-but, pp, aren't all the songs available in each of the widgets below????? 

Why, yes, yes they are, you clever Thing you.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Still Afloat at SoundCloud: Dead Parties, Colored Lights, Funeral Advantage, Averkiou, King Kartel, Tusks

We've struggled through the week regretting we hadn't shared with you all we'd recently found at SoundCloud. So let us try and make partial amends with a baker's handful of songs we're loving. This still isn't all we've found there, so the struggle continues.

That previous one we posted by these Barcelonaussie charmerchimers is still downloadable here.

Freely download the Norsemen's song here.

Face off with the Beantown band here.

We recently posted some seven-year old songs by this Gainesville group 
with the unpronounceable name. This younger song is downloadable here.

We also posted one previously by this Manchester band, and it's still here!!!

Visit the excellent Brighton band here.
Update: They seem to have negated its freebietude. Usually 
we respond in kind, but what the Hades, let it stand.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Custom Made for You: Feel Weird, The Thing, Paper Apes, Human Hymn, The Astral Planes, Stereoma

Floating around on SoundCloud, we chanced upon an invigorating series of samplers from an entity called Custom Made Music. All the songs in the four samplers we sampled are available for free download. Forthwith, a few of our favorites.

Strange Babes' Eponymous Debut

Yankiwi band Strange Babes have dropped an excellent debut album and are making it available here for free downloading. Go to Facebook for other kinds of acculturation.

Four from The Accord

We weren't able to gather much written information on Leeds band The Accord, but the musical inputs more than satisfied. They've got more freebies and streamies at their Soundcloud page, and you can read a bit here. Below are four (or five) of our favorites so far. (Click down arrows to download.)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mighty Fine Finds: Mystery Flavors, Shadow Folk, Crosa Rosa

Oot and aboot, we found this loot.

Many thanks to The Active Listener for the headsup on these frightfully satisfying Frisco jangleurs. Nathan's got some freebies by a couple more artistes here.

Each of these next two widgets opens with our favorite from these excellent Halifax, NS, psychpoppers name o' Shadow Folk.

Thanks to Psychgazer for the intro to this merry band from Nottingham, yclept "Crosa Rosa."

Actually, #1 ("Jigsaw") is the one we prefer, but sometimes Bandcamp just will work its will. Bitch.

Here's the Crosa Rosa tune on to which Psychgazer first turned us. You can buy it here.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Recent Disco Veries: Anderson Council, Cool Whips, Sharkmuffin, Jim Nothing, WOD, Cosmic Letdown, Young Liberals, Day Creeper

Here are some recent discoveries we love and you might.

Two excellent TAC songs we posted long ago are still available here.

The full LP by this Portland band is here, a couple more mighty fine freebies here.

Jaws' favorite band. (It's why he haunts the Jersey Shore.)

The rest of the songs on these Christchurchers' EP are rather raucous, and that might be just what you want/need.

Tasty tune from Melbourne.

The songtitle means "Mary," in case you were wondering.

An oldie but goodie by this Brisband. We also like #8 a lot.

New(ish)bie from Columbus.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Music of the Sphere, Still in Rock Edition, Installment 3: Warm Soda, Matthew Melton, Jacco Gardner, Pretty Greens, Meatbodies, Madcaps, Numb Bats, Broncho

Here's our third and final salvo of initial finds at the excellent, new-to-us blog, Still in Rock. We've already encountered a ton of great music at Thibault's lair and look forward to ever more discoveries over the days and centuries to come. You'll be seeing them in our periodic Music of the Sphere offerings. The first two posts can be found here and here. With grateful hearts do we say, "Thank you, SiR."

Warm Soda - Young Restless Hearts - Still in Rock
Warm Soda - Tell Me in a Whisper - Still in Rock
Warm Soda- Lola & Jeanie Loves Pop - Still in Rock
Warm Soda - When Your Eyes Meet Mine & The One I Need - Still in Rock - Post has an excellent interview with bandleader Matthew Melton
Matthew Melton - Outside of Paradise & Promise It to Me - Still in Rock - Our humble little Matthew Melton retrospective is here. That Snake Flowers 2 ditty is still downloadable, in case you were wondering.

Jacco Gardner - Find Yourself & Hypnophobia - Still in Rock
The Pretty Greens - First Time - Still in Rock
Meatbodies - Disorder & The Master - Still in Rock
The Madcaps - High School Trouble Maker & I Knew It All - Still in Rock
Numb Bats - To Do - Still in Rock - Scroll down to #72.
Broncho - It's On - Still in Rock - Scroll down to #52.

Those last two are from Still in Rock's Best Tracks of 2014 post. There are several more great ones we've already posted (e.g., Meatbodies' "Tremmors" and Wand's "Flying Golem"), so please do check out the entire list.

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