Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mellow Miscellany: Hidden Pictures, Rite Flyers, Freelove Fenner, Citradels, Honeymoon, Broken Fires

We're in kind of a mood mellow on this last day of May. Hope that's okay.

Thanks to friend and Bandcamp followee Miyuki for the headsup on the latest from this Oakland band we've enjoyed for years. And here are some n-y-pers from a previous HP LP.

That riff at 00.05 in Song #3 kind of reminds us of the recurring riff in KISS's "Comin' Home," you? Okay, right, discipline, pp, stay focussssed. Well, can we just mention we also really like #9??? Whatever.

Gotta thank Jennifer LeDuc for the SOTO headsup on this Austin band. Song has kind of an, I don't know, XTC feel to it, yes? . . . Um, focus, pp?

Found this at It's a Jangle Out There, for which, many thanks. N-Y-P download here.

Read a most interesting interview of the Melbourne band at The Active Listener.

We also love #2 on this Brooklyn band's EP.

Yessss, we pick up the pace just a jot for this post's Swansea song.

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