Saturday, May 09, 2015

Recent Disco Veries: Anderson Council, Cool Whips, Sharkmuffin, Jim Nothing, WOD, Cosmic Letdown, Young Liberals, Day Creeper

Here are some recent discoveries we love and you might.

Two excellent TAC songs we posted long ago are still available here.

The full LP by this Portland band is here, a couple more mighty fine freebies here.

Jaws' favorite band. (It's why he haunts the Jersey Shore.)

The rest of the songs on these Christchurchers' EP are rather raucous, and that might be just what you want/need.

Tasty tune from Melbourne.

The songtitle means "Mary," in case you were wondering.

An oldie but goodie by this Brisband. We also like #8 a lot.

New(ish)bie from Columbus.

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