Saturday, May 02, 2015

Music of the Sphere, Still in Rock Edition, Installment 3: Warm Soda, Matthew Melton, Jacco Gardner, Pretty Greens, Meatbodies, Madcaps, Numb Bats, Broncho

Here's our third and final salvo of initial finds at the excellent, new-to-us blog, Still in Rock. We've already encountered a ton of great music at Thibault's lair and look forward to ever more discoveries over the days and centuries to come. You'll be seeing them in our periodic Music of the Sphere offerings. The first two posts can be found here and here. With grateful hearts do we say, "Thank you, SiR."

Warm Soda - Young Restless Hearts - Still in Rock
Warm Soda - Tell Me in a Whisper - Still in Rock
Warm Soda- Lola & Jeanie Loves Pop - Still in Rock
Warm Soda - When Your Eyes Meet Mine & The One I Need - Still in Rock - Post has an excellent interview with bandleader Matthew Melton
Matthew Melton - Outside of Paradise & Promise It to Me - Still in Rock - Our humble little Matthew Melton retrospective is here. That Snake Flowers 2 ditty is still downloadable, in case you were wondering.

Jacco Gardner - Find Yourself & Hypnophobia - Still in Rock
The Pretty Greens - First Time - Still in Rock
Meatbodies - Disorder & The Master - Still in Rock
The Madcaps - High School Trouble Maker & I Knew It All - Still in Rock
Numb Bats - To Do - Still in Rock - Scroll down to #72.
Broncho - It's On - Still in Rock - Scroll down to #52.

Those last two are from Still in Rock's Best Tracks of 2014 post. There are several more great ones we've already posted (e.g., Meatbodies' "Tremmors" and Wand's "Flying Golem"), so please do check out the entire list.


Andrew said...

Great find with this blog, looks like it has a lot of good stuff. I may have to actually subscribe to it rather than just trust you to find the gems.

As always, I appreciate your site and your efforts.

pplist said...

Definitely don't trust just me ("us") to find the gems, Andrew. I really only scratched the surface with these three posts and now go to Still in Rock every day. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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