Thursday, May 28, 2015

rECENT fINDS: Puma Pumku, Dolores, Scupper, DEAFCULT, The Sun Machine, Undone

We've been enjoying these and wondered if you might, too. 


johnnybgoode said...

i thought all the good band names were used up until i saw "deafcult" genius name! (Certainly better than, say, "Warm soda") music is pretty good, hopefully they will grow into their band name. thanks as usual for all you do ppopulist

pplist said...

Thanks, John, for the interesting insights. "Deafcult" is indeed a great bandname. If I like the music, the bandname won't usually get in my way, and "Warm Soda's" a good example of this, even though I personally don't mind their name and definitely love their music. As noted in Vol. 1 of his monumental TUNE IN, Mark Lewisohn points out that before they made it big, The Beatles were constantly slagged about their name.

You might enjoy this article from an Australian blog, "Happy," on bandnames.

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