Friday, December 30, 2016

The Classmates: Tasty Powergaragepop Bolognese

Boy/girl/whatev, are we glad we decided to post our favorite song by Bologna band The Classmates at a Facebook group we recently joined called Garage Rock Revival/Post-Punk Revival/Neo-Psychedelia! "Why, pp, WHY?" you may ask. Well, read on, or better yet, skip the verbiage and proceed to the widgets.

But here's why. We'd bought several by them last year and get to jumping every time they come up on our electrified players. Little did we know until posting at GRR/P-PR/Neo-P that four of their songs, including the aforereferenced fave, "Cheatin' soul," are available for name-your-price download at Bandcamp. The download link doesn't show up immediately in each widget, so we're providing the necessary links for nypdling. Click here to check out their entire Bandcamped discography.

So without further ado . . . The Classmates.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Faves from The Final Active Listener Sampler: Fogbound, Invaderband, Nuvem Leopardo, Emily Jones

First, the good news: we've just been graced with a new and customarily fab comp of psych and poppsych from The Active Listener. Now the bad: as any fool (and we proudly qualify) can tell by the sampler title, it's the last one from the marvelous Master Nathan Ford. We've been enriched by his superb comps for several years now and thank him most heartily. Below are our four most fave from this swansong of songs. You can download all 21 tunes for a mere $1 total. (Readers in Lesotho will of course pay in loti. Bandcamp should help you convert to your local currency.)

Those Fogbound freebies we posted previously are still freely available here.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Bearded by Cellar Door Moon Crow

One glance at the beards and we were like, "No way, Josefina." A couple of minutes later we noticed our glutei maximi had been rocked off and were rolling across the floor. And we felt good about it. We found Sheffield brahs Phil and Tommy Goodwin (not sure which is which in the pic) over at new-to-us blog 50ThirdAnd3rd, which we found via new-to-us Bandcamper and Podcaster Erin, a fellow sisterly devotee of The Orange Kyte. So here we go; just hold on to your seat (or something).

Oh, and here's the new song by The Orange Kyte that kind of got this new episode rolling, rolling, rolling.

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